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Who Are We?

People set up a business and launch their products without knowing the IP laws and in future get into trouble by legal actions from another person. To solve this problem Wissen Research founded in 2013 by a professional to help inventors, companies in the IP laws.

At Wissen Research, we believe that customer satisfaction is our only prime goal. We focus on providing IP Services (Patents, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret) to all our the globe at reasonable prices. We hired the best patent analyst, illustrator and management team to handle and solve clients queries.

We provide results before the deadline of the project and always available to discuss.

Free free to ask any question, we are happy to help you.
Intellectual Property Service Provider

Our Mission

“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It”

We endeavor to provide Superior Knowledge Process Expertise by handling knowledge-based and Manpower-Intensive Activities to improve the Client’s Cost Structure, Competitive Efficiency and Performance-Based Results.

Our Team

For any enterprise to achieve success you need to make sure that the foundations must be strong. Foundations are consists of core team members from chief executive member to employees. Without any skillful and talented team, you can’t achieve your goals. Wissen Research hired the most skilled and experienced patent analyst from various domains(Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science and Life science) who provides the best results in a defined timeline. Without any second thought hire us.


Piyush Gupta

Managing Director


Nikhil Garg


Richard Baker

Patent Consultant

Tiany Xu

Trademark Consultant

Our Life

Wissen Research is a vibrant, friendly, and conducive working environment. Our passionate team of professionals greatly feels involved in our daily activities. Neither boredom nor high absenteeism is experienced, only productivity, morality, growth, and collaboration are our priority.

Employees are compassionate and love their job. With the employer, our happy family aims to promote employee safety, growth, and goal attainment. Also, positive reinforcement (bonuses/ pay raises) and good work-life balance(festival celebrations/ touring) are a part and parcel of Wissen Research.

Why Us?

Domain Specific Dedicated Team For Handling Specific Projects

Team Lead with Minimum Experience of 3 years

Weekend Turnaround Time

For immediate Projects at No Extra Cost

Using Multiple Key Strings

Strings with varied scope to cover Maximum Patents in the Domain

Focused Approach

Pin-Pointed High Quality Results and Customized Reports

Global IP Support

In-house - US, CN, IN, EU, GB 50+ Associates

Prior-Art Database Coverage

105 Countries

Company Records