Patent Application: 7 Types Of Patent Application and Requirements

7 types of patent application and requirements

7 Types of Patent Application & Its Requirements Just having an idea does not let you have proper rights to your invention. You need to file a patent application for it as well. For that, you need to describe your invention in words and you need to submit it to the patent and trademark office. […]

Plant-Based Meat

Plant Based Meat

Plant-Based Meat There has been a lot more demand of the vegetarian substitutes of animal meat. That’s why a new variety of meat has emerged that is equivalent to animal meat in terms of taste, texture and nutrition. That is why we have brought a blog that will help you get deeper insights about plant […]

5 Steps to patent a product

5 Steps of how to patent a product

Imagine after putting great effort, you have invented something and with full surety, you have launched it in the market. After some time, you came to know about the fact that other people are using your technology without your permission. How would you feel? Disheartened, right? After all your efforts being just casually taken for […]

5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector

5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector

5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector You must have heard about the various advancements in agriculture that have led to various complex processes becoming easier. The more agricultural advancement happens the betterment of farmers will happen. But these Latest inventions in agriculture will help you learn about interesting insights on some of the advancements in the […]

Energy Storing Bricks

Energy Storing Bricks

Energy storing bricks You must have seen solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity, etc. as a way to generate energy. But ever wondered that walls built on your house, offices, or any building can generate energy to produce electricity with any wiring? Seems odd, right? Not so much. Because technology is emerging that is going to […]

Self-Healing Living Concrete

Self Healing Living Concrete Blog

Self-Healing Living Concrete No matter how strong concrete is, it will get cracks over time due to wear and tear caused by heat, water, and weather. You must be thinking, then what we can also get it repaired by people, well yes you can get that done but that requires time and money. That’s why […]

Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology

What is Big data? As the amount of information continues to grow, new uses of data keep emerging. Big Data can be said as a way of processing thousands of data points that can produce significant outcomes from the data. It can play a major role in upcoming technologies like Metaverse can include customer data, […]

New Advancements in Skin Research and Technology

Skin Research & Technology

Skin Research & Technology In dermatology, there is a potential to ease most complicated treatments with advancement in technology. These advancements in Skin Research and Technology have emerged many technologies. These new advancements prove to very helpful as well as amusing for doctors to solve frustrating problems. That’s why we have brought our blog on […]

Patent Translation Services for patent grant in three countries

Patent Translation services for patent grant

Patent Translation services for a patent grant “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela It was a normal day office when our team was working on a project and we received […]

Emerging Technology in Mind Reading Robots

Mind Reading Robots

We all know about Star Wars and Iron Man’s mind-reading technology, but did you know that this emerging technology is happening? Even though we still have a long way to go because scientists are working on a technology with the help of which they can read the human mind. This technology is “mind-reading robots”. These […]