A compulsory checklist for your “Patent Filing”

checklist for Patent Filing

CHECKLIST FOR PATENT FILING As an investor, you never want to hear these words – “Your patent application is rejected!!”  But somewhere around 30-40% of the filed patent applications get rejected even after a good amount of time and effort. Why? Mostly because of some error in patent drafting or Lack of Prior Art Research.  Filing […]

Patents in Cryptocurrency 

Crypto Currency

Patents can play a central role in cryptocurrency when it comes to innovation. Innovation in the forte of blockchain-based currency is focused on evolving original methodologies in simpler processes. Many large companies are dedicated to investing in the future of cryptocurrency because of promising growth figures.  There are always 2 reactions when we talk about […]

Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

Sustainable aviation fuel

Have any thought came to your mind that plant can make a plane fly?  No, right! But this is happening today. The Aviation industry has been keeping an eye on other alternatives to fossil jet fuels to reduce flight emissions. Planes are responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions and are responsible for 3.5% of […]

Comparison between Electrical VS Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

Electrical vs Hydrogen Vehicles

Electrical vs Hydrogen Vehicles The day is not far when we will be driving cars which leads to zero carbon emission in the environment. Vehicles such as buses, delivery vans, cars, and semi-trucks would be running on efficient clean energy sources. Even workplaces will also be equipped with backup that is running on environment-friendly sources. […]

All you need to know about Emerging Trends in Hydrophobic Clothes

Emerging Trends In Hydrophobic Clothing

All you need to know about emerging trends hydrophobic clothing!  Do you know why the Lotus flower remains clean even after being growing in water and mud? The answer to this question is its Hydrophobic quality. Leaves of the lotus flower are so hydrophobic that water droplets do not sit on them instead they make […]

Green Hydrogen – A Fuel for Future

Green Hydrogen

Introduction “71% of a global greenhouse gas emission since 1988 can be traced back to just 100 fossil fuel companies” We see how pollution is on peak due to emission of carbon in the environment. With increase in use of fossil fuels, there is increase in pollution as well. As per the consumption of energy, […]

Emerging Trends In The Biotechnological Sector

Biotechnological Sector

Change is the only constant in this world. Every day, new technological breakthroughs and advances in knowledge bring about changes in every aspect of daily life. Biotechnology is one of the businesses that is constantly changing due to continual study, technological advancements, and scientific discoveries. The global pandemic has pushed biotech development and adoption in […]

Everything you need to know about Blockchain technology


Due to the advancement in technology tremendous transformations are seen among various industries. Blockchain is one such digital technology that has had a significant impact on a number of important businesses and sectors through its security and transparency. Businesses throughout the world are also quickly adopting this technology. This article discusses everything you need to […]

Famous Patent Infringement Case- Stealth Technology

Stealth Technology

Imagine a hawk flying about 15 meters away from you. You can easily see it, but if there’s a bee at the same distance, it’ll be virtually impossible to detect it because the human eye can’t spot such small objects at such a distance. The hawk at 15 meters is comparable to a conventional aircraft, which […]

Emerging Trend In Robotics

Emerging Trend In Robotics

The robotics industry has progressed from extremely expensive devices with limited functionality to modern industrial robots that are adaptable and can be used in a wide range of applications to accomplish incredible feats. Looking into the future is often difficult, but one thing is certain: robots will be a vital part of that future and […]