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5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector

5 Advancements in Agriculture Sector

You must have heard about the various advancements in agriculture that have led to various complex processes becoming easier. The more agricultural advancement happens the betterment of farmers will happen. But these Latest inventions in agriculture will help you learn about interesting insights on some of the advancements in the agriculture sector. So without any delay, let’s start. 

Advancements in agriculture have expanded the productivity, scale and speed of farm equipment, leading to efficient cultivation. All these advancements have contributed to the enhancement of the agriculture sector. It enables farmers to become more efficient, and produce more with fewer inputs. Various laborious tasks have become easier with these advancements or innovations. These inventions are going to change the face of the agriculture sector. 

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Now, let’s read on to understand more about Advancements in Agriculture. 

Advancements in Agriculture Sector 

Technology has increased the potential of the agriculture sector and here are 6 major advancements in agriculture: 

Precision Agriculture 

Agriculture that uses information technology and makes sure that soil gets all the required nutrients for the ideal productivity and health is known as Precision agriculture. This ensures the protection, profitability and sustainability of the environment. the market for Global Precision Agriculture is projected to grow from $ 7,427.00 million to $23,056.00 million by the year 2030 with a CAGR of 13.4%. China can be said as a country that is extensively working on this technology. 

Some Patents on Precision Agriculture are:

  • Precision agriculture system – US10548257B2
  • System and method for automated odometry calibration for precision agriculture systems – US10098273B2
  • Harvest advisory modelling using field-level analysis of weather conditions and observations and user input of harvest condition states and tool for supporting the management of farm operations in precision agriculture – US9292796B1
  • Systems, devices, and methods for robotic remote sensing for precision agriculture US10395115B2


Farm Automation

Farm Automation is also known as “Smart Farming” and it can make farms efficient and automate the production lifecycle of crops or livestock. Even though it is new in the market but various traditional agriculture companies are adopting farm automation in their processes. Various companies are working on robotics to develop drones, autonomous tractors, robotic harvesters and whatnot to help in farming. 

The estimated growth in farm automation in the agriculture sector is from $ 4.9 billion to $ 11.9 billion by the year 2026 with a CAGR of 19.3%.

Patents on Farm Automation  

  • Food supply chain automation farm tracking system and method US9704122B2
  • Systems and methods for establishing a cloud bridge between virtual storage resources EP2425341B1
  • Flexible agricultural automation US6671582B1
  • Agricultural automation system with field robot US20080046130A1

Automated Irrigation Systems 

An automated irrigation system refers to a system that just requires no to little human intervention apart from surveillance. Almost all the systems including drip, sprinkler and surface can be automated with the help of timers, sensors or computers. This makes irrigation a fast process and lets farm workers do other major tasks. The estimated growth of the automated irrigation market is from $ 4.2 billion to $ 9.2 billion by the year 2027 with a CAGR of 17.2%. 

Patents on Automated Irrigation Systems

  • High ridge and nutrient fluid drip irrigation cultivation technology CN101248743B
  • Smart irrigation control system, and control method therefor WO2020232963A1
  • Moistening salt-displacing tube and local desalination method thereof for saline and alkaline land WO2018209719A1
  • Plant irrigation system CN102124935B


Remote Monitoring of Crops Using Sensors

Remote Monitoring of Crops Using Sensors can help in the identification of crops that can be affected by the conditions that are too wet or dry, affected by the insect, fungal infestation or weeds. All images related to it can be obtained throughout the growth period not only to detect issues but also to monitor the success of treatments done. 

The market size of Crop Monitoring is estimated to grow from $ 1.81 Billion to $ 5.42 Billion by the year 2027 with a CAGR of 14.59%. 


Patents on Remote Monitoring of Crops Using Sensors

  • Systems, devices, and methods for monitoring and assessing characteristics of harvested specialty crops US20180042176A1
  • Method and Apparatus for Remote Monitoring and Management of Storage Using Machine Learning and Data Analytics US20190265082A1
  • Remote observation method and system by calculating automatic route of unmanned aerial vehicle for monitoring crops KR101793509B1

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Internet of Things in agriculture

IoT devices include every object that can be controlled through the internet. Over time, IoT has become common in the consumer market. The IoT targets conventional farming to meet increasing demands and decrease production loss. Drones, Remote Sensors, Robots & computer imaging with AI and other analytical tools can help in making available data related to rational farm management, mapping of fields, monitoring crops or surveying to save resources. 

The projected market growth of Agriculture IoT is from $ 11.4 billion to $18.1 billion with a CAGR of 9.8% by the year 2026. 

Patents on Internet of Things in Agriculture

  • A kind of reading intelligent agriculture monitoring system based on Internet of Things CN104852989B
  • Integrated IoT (Internet of Things) system solution for smart agriculture management US10728336B2
  • Environmental control of greenhouse system and method based on Internet of Things and cloud computing technology CN104656617B


Advancements in the agriculture sector can bring a lot of change in the way agriculture is happening today. Agriculture is one of the oldest industries but still, it is embracing change and adopting digital transformation to face several disruptive forces and increasing demand. If you are an inventor or IP professional and looking to know more about various advancements in any specific industry, then visit our emerging technologies service. If you want to know other things about technology, then definitely you check out our Technology Research services that will provide a wide perspective about how we can help you. 

We hope that this blog provided insights related to advancements in the agriculture sector.