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Don't Miss out on these 4 best free patent databases

When it comes to filing a patent, Patent Databases play a major role in conducting various searches like prior art search, patentability search, FTO Search, State Art search etc. Having a hold of patent databases help you know various insights related to the patent. If you want to conduct a comprehensive patent search using free databases, then Patentscope, Espacenet, The Lens Org, & Google Patents are the best 4 free patent search engines that can help you conduct various patent-related searches. These Patent Databases will help you conduct Professional Patent searches effectively and efficiently. 

That’s why we have come up with a blog, that talks about the best 4 free patent search engines or tools, that you can use to ace your patent searching journey, that too without paying any money. 

Google Patent

google patent
( Google Patents – Free Patent Search Database)

Google Patents was launched on 14 December 2006. It was started as an experiment and this worked due to the easy and fast access to a patent. Google patent has indexed 87+ million patents with full text from 17 different countries & patent offices such as the USPTO, EPO, JPO, KPO, WIPO, and CNIPA. Google patent is the best tool used for conducting a quick patent search. It can show output based on the following: Search terms, Date, Assignee, Inventor and Patent Number. 

This is what you need to know about Google Patents (Free Patent Search Database): 

Google patent offers the ability to search within Google Scholar and Books collections for non-patent literature. It can very easily identify relevant documents fast. You get information like patent images, legal status, assignments, citations on the same page making important information easily accessible and understandable. As it is fast and easily accessible, you can find relevant results making it most suitable as a free patent database. 


(Lens.Org – Free Patent Search Database)

Lens was an initiative taken by the collaboration of Cambia and Queensland University of Technology, it was launched in the year 2000. It is an open-source patent search database and indexed over 119+ Million documents from around 105 jurisdictions. The lens is a free patent, scholarly search and citation tool. It gathers patent data from various national registers like USPTO, EPO, WIPO, EPO’s DocDB, and other databases.

This is what you need to know about Lens (Free Patent Search Database):

The key ability of the Lens patent database is to combine patents, citations, non-patent literature, sequence and visualizations. It is quick and easy to understand & use. Furthermore, if you register for a free account, you get access to additional features. Lens website has a very clean User Interface making it easy for people to use. The Lens is an IP searching database which provides you access to history, saved searches and exports, these features are not currently available in Google patents. Lens provides you with information related to lapsed, expired and abandoned US patents. 


(EspacenetFree Patent Search Database)

If you want to conduct an advanced and professional patent search using a free patent database, then that free database is Espacenet. Espacenet is used for conducting the most comprehensive free patent search. Espacenet provides free access to 130+ million patent records from throughout the world that detail innovations and scientific advancements from 1782 to the present. It was launched by EPO and it can be accessed in nearly all European languages and features an intuitive user interface. 

Espacenet can be used for: 

  • Find and search for patent publications
  • The automated translation of patent docs
  • Follow the development of new technologies
  • Discover remedies for technical issues
  • Look at what your rivals are creating

This is what you need to know about Espacenet (Free Patent Search Database):

Espacenet is the largest free public patent database with the data of more than 130 million patents from more than 100 countries as well as their national and regional patent offices, which are searchable. The main purpose for which the Espacenet is launched is to revolutionize the way the public has access to information related to the international patent. You can even search for patents using language combinations on Espacenet’s superb machine translation system, which has the most effective patent translators.


(Patentscope – Free Patent Search Database)

The Patentscope database provides you with information related to Patent applications, including all published PCT applications, as well as patent collections from participating national and regional offices. The Patentscope database is a WIPO-administered database on a global basis.

It has a broad scope and is more inclined toward scientists, engineers, and businesspeople than it is toward professional searchers and investigators. WIPO Translate is a programme that offers machine translations that have been trained exclusively using patent documents and domains obtained from the IPC. 

This is what you need to know about Patentscope (Free Patent Search Database):

Patentscope is a helpful research tool because it offers advanced search choices and features including national phase information, open access NPL search, extended family information, chemical structure/substructure search (needs login), etc. If you want to do WIPO Online Patent Searching, then you must use Patentscope as it gives you free access to more than 83 million patent documents from various patent offices. Patentscope can be operated in 9 different languages and you can change the language interface on the web. It offers you to do both quick as well advanced patent searches. 


Patent Databases can help you do various searches with any problem. These patent databases are free and can be a great resource for you. Here have come up with the end of our blog. If you are someone who wants to conduct various searches like prior art search, patentability search, FTO Search, State of Art search etc. Then, Wissen Research uses various free as well as paid databases that can surely help you enhance the quality, speed as well as results. Check out our website to know more.