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How a Trademark Paralegal can help you Safeguard your Brand

How a Trademark Paralegal can help you safeguard your Brand?

Whether it is a multinational company or a startup, they both tirelessly work to build an exclusive brand in the market.

They invest various resources to reach the perfect business name, domain, brand and market it to the public. However, to protect exclusivity, they need a trademark. A registered trademark shows that you are the only owner of this brand and your brand is free from infringement.

As a result, no one else can profit from your brand name. You must get in touch with a trademark paralegal who will simplify the trademark registration process.

Learn more about how a trademark paralegal can help you safeguard your brand in this highly competitive market. But, let’s first understand,

How does trademark protection keep brands safe?

The role of a trademark for a brand or company is to provide and protect the distinctive identity that sets it apart from rivals. A product’s reputation is mostly determined by the brand name it bears. As a result, by registering your brand as a trademark, you may avoid consumers’ confusion regarding comparable counterfeit goods.

Getting a trademark will help give your brand its value and recognition in the marketplace. A trademark paralegal helps you file your trademark effectively and efficiently. It also enables you to sue any trademark infringement that may occur.

By hiring a Trademark Paralegal, you can get a trademark for your brand.

Trademark registration is getting a trademark for your brand. You can trademark a name, a logo, or another type of similar sign. Once the trademark registration is complete, it will serve as your product’s trademark.

But is giving a brand a trademark that easy?

No, of course not—the trademark you select for your brand must be legally registered with the trademark office in your jurisdiction. However, many legal and research steps must be taken into consideration before filing for trademark registration. As a result, you must consult a trademark paralegal, as he or she will assist you in filing a trademark. Let’s know how a trademark paralegal can help you with trademark searches and trademark monitoring.

Trademark Search 

Using a trademark search service will assist you to discover competing trademarks similar to yours. If there is already an existing similar trademark in the market, then there are chances that it may be rejected because of trademark infringement. After that, you will need to update your trademark and reapply for it.

A trademark search will enable you to determine if your trademark is commercially viable. A trademark is fit for use if it does not encourage any legal action for infringement and can be approved by the trademark registration office.

Because of this, having a trademark paralegal who can conduct a trademark search prevents you from paying for a trademark that is already in existence.

The Trademark Paralegal files your trademark application after confirming that your trademark is available for use. Your application is examined by a trademark examiner at the relevant trademark office. Once the trademark office determines that your application is correct, your trademark registration is done. Your brand will now have a registered trademark.

Trademark Monitoring

After your trademark is registered, it becomes your exclusive property, and protecting it is your responsibility. But how can you be sure that nobody else is using your trademark on the market? The trademark paralegal you hire for the trademark monitoring service will fully address this issue.

You hire a trademark paralegal to keep track of all trademark applications filed globally. It identifies any trademark application that might violate your trademark. As a result, it helps you file complaints so that you can take legal action against the infringers on time.

Final Words: How Trademark Paralegal can safeguard your brand?

Any mistake in filing your trademark application will cause it to be rejected. Possible infringing behavior is one of those causes. It is best to put off all potential rejections before filing for a trademark because doing so will cost you time and money. Therefore, you need to choose a trademark paralegal expert who is skilled.

Wissen Research can assist you in trademark searches and offer you trademark monitoring services. We aid you to determine the availability of your trademark. As a result, we help you register your trademark quickly and effectively.

Authored By – Robin Sharma