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Patent Databases Best free and paid platforms

Patent Databases: Best free and paid platforms

A database is a collection of information that is organized for easy access, management, and updating. They can be classified according to the type of content through numeric, full-texts, bibliographical, and presentation of images.

Patent databases are commonly found in well-developed countries (rich countries) that are mainly used to identify the status of a patent of any particular product invented.


Orbit database is a web portal for patent search that has access to tracking and evaluating the developing technologies.

Ever since it was introduced it has been one of the patent databases that work on quality service which provide good results of different inventions defined by different patent offices.


Orbit is an online patent database that shows both Patent and Non-patent publications. It allows you to search, track and analyze. It is best for IP specialists and legal professionals.


The Google patent search tool is a search engine with clear cross-search references supplemented by a thorough index. It is one of the quick and AI platforms with documents that include the entire collection of granted and published Patent applications from each database.

They only allow you to search for patents based on variables like search terms, date, assignee, and inventor classified on Patent office, type (patent or design), and status (granted or applied) basis. 


Espacenet is an online service that was launched in 1998 by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the member states of the European Patent Organisation. Its main aim was to reform public access to International Patent information. It now developed a “Patent translate” in 2012 which most people usually use in their national language. 

Before it was introduced, people were encountering technical faults which were too slow and difficult to operate because they never wanted people who provide goods and services involving sales, rentals, or lease.

But since the change of the game, it now offers patents from 97 countries with database information of more than 110 million patents. To find Patents on Espanet, you can opt for smart search, Advanced search, or Classification search. It also gives a chance to download the original Patent form of a PDF. 


Patsnap is one of the best databases known for patent resource, patents from more than 40 countries. It is the leading intelligence innovation company used by thousands of customers in over 50 countries. Patsnap is well known for landscapes (revealing business and technological trends), analysis, and paid database.

With just a few clicks you can reach all the information needed because they provide the best user experiences. One thing that differs Patsnap from other databases is their Innovation Word cloud which helps you understand the type of terms used in the technical field or the profile of the company. 


WIPO’s Inspire is a collection of reports on a Patent database on their features. The last place you can run to, for a master tool is WIPO because it speeds up the innovation process basing on what you exactly need. WIPO helps newbies and professionals when it comes to patent searching because it has functionalities that are very easy to use and understand.


Patent inspiration is an online patent search and analysis tool created by Alive software. It is a powerful user-friendly tool especially for patent landscaping and patent screening purposes. Without any need for training, you can derive a wealth of information with just a few simple clicks.

It has become a standard tool in the development process. With this tool, you can screen the new developments in your domain and search for innovative solutions out of your domain.


All these tools have their advantages and disadvantages. When trying to find the database, it’s good to be careful to know which one is necessary for your needs.

You also need to know the basic information on patent searching before looking at the patent database to make an efficient prior-art search. 

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