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Patent Translation services for patent grant

Patent Translation services for a patent grant

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela

It was a normal day office when our team was working on a project and we received a mail from a person named Andrew, he was looking to get a patent on his invention. We went on a call and we discussed all things related to his product. To ensure that his invention is novel, non-obvious and have industrial applicability, he asked us to conduct an FTO Search and Patentability Search.

We let our specialists start working on this and do all the necessary work required to be done, so that Andrew can start working on the filing of the patent. His idea was to get the patent as soon as possible so that he can file it in other countries as well.

Our first step in this, was to ensure that there is no scope infringement to any other patent as well as we have to work on the patentability of the product. So, when we did our search, we found that his product was infringing patent of one company, then we suggested him how he can make changes as his invention was on mid-development stage.  Then, he asked his team to make changes and we proceeded with the application. 

Our team extensively worked to draft the application in a way that there is no scope mistake. Our team framed, finalized and presented the final report to him. When we presented it to him, he was happy and satisfied with the efforts we have put to bring the output on the table. After the completion of the application, he was all set to file the patent application in the US. So, within one month he filed the application in US and we helped him to handle all the office actions which came in way Then, Andrew proceeded with filing the application with WIPO where he got the time limit of 32 months. And guess what after 26 months, he was granted the rights of the patents for his invention in the US.

Analyzing the situation, we understood that Andrew wanted to file the patent application in other countries as well, so we already had our translators from China, Japan, and France ready to translate the application. So, when Andrew asked us to do the task we were all set to do it, we asked our Native language translators to start working on the application translation and guess what we were able to complete this in less than time we asked us to complete this task.

Due to our pro-activeness in completing the tasks he got patent application in all four countries. We at Wissen Research believe in providing our clients services that helps them to get their work done efficiently and effectively.

Wissen research have networks with native language translators and provide Patent Translation service as per guidelines, so that you can file a patent in a country in their native language. So, if you need to translate your patent application in another language like Andrew, then Wissen Research can be a great resource for you to translate your patent application in another language. Visit our patent translation service to know mor