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Skin Research & Technology

Skin Research & Technology

In dermatology, there is a potential to ease most complicated treatments with advancement in technology. These advancements in Skin Research and Technology have emerged many technologies. These new advancements prove to very helpful as well as amusing for doctors to solve frustrating problems. That’s why we have brought our blog on “New Advancements in Skin Research & Technology” to aware you about advancements happening in  Research and Technology. So, without any delay, let’s get started.


·         Noninvasive Skin Tightening

Dermal microcoring, a method now undergoing clinical testing, lifts and tightens the skin without surgery. It is comparable to a fractional laser in that only a portion of the skin’s surface is affected—thousands of tiny pinpoint spots.

Small portions of the skin are removed using fine-gauge needles in this method rather than a laser, which causes collagen remodeling and a tightening effect as the skin heals.

This innovative idea may tighten and lift without requiring surgery. There is requirement of innovation in the field of skin tightening. This novel method may result in non-surgical skin lifting without scars.

This technique uses fine-gauge needles instead of a laser to core out small sections of the skin that later heal and trigger collagen for remodeling that and then it creates a tightening effect.


Example of Patent on Noninvasive Skin Tightening:

Rapid skin treatment using microcoring US20180078278A1

System and method for noninvasive skin tightening – US10525288B2


·         Injectable Cellulite Treatment

85% of women have cellulite which makes it a common problem making it difficult to treat.  So to ease the treatment for cellulite there is a new advancement that has happened. That is Injectable Cellulite Treatment. This treatment is done with the help of a drug called collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) (an enzyme that breaks down the collagen fibers). CCH acts on collagen and helps to dissolve the fibrous band that causes the depression or dimple in the skin to make it look smoother.

This being an injectable treatment is minimally invasive, requires no topical numbing or preparation, there wasn’t anything like this in the past, so this treatment would be the first of its kind.


·         Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation for Body Contouring

This can be said as a new paradigm in cosmetic medicine. New body contouring devices coming on the market to focus on building muscle. The latest kind of muscular contraction uses technology to target problem regions like the stomach and buttocks.

This technique is fascinating since it allows for improvement without the need for surgery. In a 30-minute treatment, the devices result in 20,000 muscular contractions, which strengthen and tone the muscles in the desired area. These muscle stimulators have benefits for both greater muscle tone and fat reduction.


Example of Patent in Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation for Body Contouring

Variable treatment site body contouring using an ultrasound therapy device KR101668143B1


·         Regeneration

For just a 10 mm cut, it takes almost one to two weeks to heal and then disappear slowly. We all know that Skin injuries can take a long time to heal and get back in the shape.


Many researchers are moving forward to shorten this healing process and accelerate the natural responses of the human being for effective skin regeneration. 

Innovations in regeneration of skin are: 


  • The company Healthpoint Biotherapeutics invented a skin cell spray to enhance the current method of treating leg ulcers.


  • Another such development is ACell’s MatriStem, an extracellular matrix that promotes tissue regeneration and, in 2010, even stimulated the regrowth of a severed fingertip.


Examples of Patents on Regeneration of skin are:


Cosmetic composition containing exosomes extracted from stem cell for skin whitening, anti-wrinkle or regeneration US10071050B2

Device for cell spraying, manufacturing of the device, method for spraying with the device and a cell suspension sprayed with the device US9505000B2

Methods and compositions for skin regeneration AU2010303414B2


·         3D Printing

3D printing is the answer to the increasing need for all kinds of organs including skin and resistance to testing on animals. Plenty of research is going on this and innovations in this are:

·         A university in Spain collaborated with a bioengineering firm and has presented a functional human skin created by a 3D Bioprinter.

·         James Yoo and his team in the US have developed a prototype that can create synthetic skin.

 With 3D printing, critical tissue shortages can never hamper the tasks of medical professionals.


Patents in 3D skin printing are:

Production of tissue engineered digits and limbs US9039782B2

A kind of biology 3D printing full custom skin and preparation method thereof – CN108392676A

Application of PDES in bionic ion skin, bionic ion skin and preparation method and application thereof – CN112831000B

A kind of in-situ three-dimensional printing skin repair equipment based on OCT -CN206261600U



Advancements in skin research and technology is happening and various new technologies are emerging easing various complicated processes in the industry. If you are someone looking to know more about advancements that are happening in various industries, then you can refer our emerging technologies service.