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What is Patent Translation

The process of translating a patent application into another language so that information about the innovation can be accessed by a global audience is termed patent translation. This is especially crucial nowadays when organizations are increasingly competing on a global scale. In this field, success is based on invention, which is why patent protection for these innovations is critical.

It requires a high level of language pair competency, a thorough awareness of technical terms, and a complete understanding of legal terminology.

The patent translator should be able to accurately and precisely translate legal documents. The translator must have industry-specific expertise and understanding, depending on the innovation being patented. The easiest method to ensure accurate results is to hire native-speaking translators with prior experience in the field.

Every country has its own system of patents. If you desire exclusive rights in a foreign country, you must file your application in that specific country. Patent translation services are needed when your patent specification and other relevant documents must be written in the target country’s language.

Why is patent translation important?

Any patent-related right requires an applicant to reveal the method by which the claimed subject matter can be operated. More crucially, nearly all jurisdictions demand that the claims properly define the real scope of the claimed subject matter. If a translation of the patent specification is necessary, it should be done as precisely as possible to avoid deviating from the scope of the subject matter claimed in the earlier filing (s). Inaccurate or bad translations of the patent specification might make the invention rejected.

It takes a long time to create accurate and true translations that to the claimed subject matter. If accurate translations are required in case, the applicant should factor this into their timelines, especially if they plan to enter multiple jurisdictions via the convention route.
The duration of time it takes for translation will also depend on the technology’s complexity. The longer it takes to translate a patent specification, the more complex the technology is.

Patent document translation is a skill that involves knowledge of both technology and the languages involved. Considering the consequences of poor translation, effective translation skills are highly appreciated throughout the industry.

Two types of patent translation

The process of translating patent documents, literature, and articles from one language to another is known as patent translation.

To various industries and technologies patent literature is generally applicable, whether it be the translation of an existing patent specification, application texts for new patents, prior art, an opposition brief, examination reports, or other similar documents.

The following are the most common classifications for this type of documentation:

Filing: This involves in translating a patent specification (either the entire specification or only the claims) for filing with a foreign patent office. To comply with a jurisdiction’s standards, each invention and its uses must be accurately communicated in the appropriate manner. Precision is essential for ensuring that all of your invention’s claims are covered. Patent licensees, officials, and legal professionals are the target audience for these translations.

Litigation: In order to defend or oppose a patent in another country, translation services are frequently required. These documents are frequently used as legal evidence in court litigation processes to argue whether something qualifies as a patent or not. This can involve translating documents arguing for a patent’s novelty and inventiveness, as well as learning about the contents of a patent that has previously been filed.

How Wissen Research help inventor/companies in patent translation services?

Patents are quite powerful. They aren’t the same as any other document. Patent translation demands a perfect mastery of many languages, as well as subject matter expertise and comprehensive terminology knowledge. Wissen Research provides a complete range of patent translation services which involves translating claims, description prior art, or even legal issues in a patent dispute. We follow strict filing deadlines, and our skilled patent translators realize the importance of accuracy and confidentiality and provide a precise and timely solution that ensures patent protection success.