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Why a Patent needs an Illustration (Drawing)

Why a Patent needs an Illustration (Drawing)

A patent drawing is a visual representation or an illustration attached to a patent application that gives a better identification. It is a drawing that allows an applicant to express how the elements work together.


When you are making a drawing for a patent application, there are two possibilities you can come up with. It’s either you create the patent drawing by yourself or hire draftsperson or an artist who is well experienced in drawings.

The reason why a patent needs an illustration is that it brings out a clear description in full details of what the invention is all about.


1.To acknowledge the true significance of a quality of an invention

Having an illustration of a patent is very important because it shows the values and overall context of an invention. You might leave behind some useful information on the paper, but once you submit the drawing, it can easily cover up all the necessary information you didn’t write on the paper.

A patent drawing shows the whole quality of an invention because it visually shows the variety of views from different points and angle.

2. They save time : “A picture is worth a thousand words” – To read a whole application take lots of time but just viewing a patent drawing make it easy for patent examiner.

3.  It increases the chances of acceptance of your patent application.

When your drawing is produced accurately, it increases the chances of your application being granted by patent examiner of Patent and Trademark Office.


The USPTO is the one responsible in US for establishing rules and guidelines concerning patent drawing applications in the form of Blueprint, Sketch, Digital Images, Prototype, drawings, flowcharts and photographs.

When submitting for a patent drawing, there are certain measures that one needs to follow. The points below will enlighten some of the guidelines that one has to put up with. 

  • The USPTO requires accurate and clean work. Whenever you are writing the numbers, word or graphs, everything must be written or drawn clearly for easy identification.
  • Avoid obvious mistakes, writing too much information and eliminating unnecessary marks on the drawing.
  • The applicant should make sure the drawing is creatively illustrated to bring more satisfaction to the Patent examiner.
  • Make sure the drawing includes the name of the inventor, application number, the name of the invention to be patented and a full description of the invention.
  • Black and white colors are mostly required when drawing but other colors can also be used if necessary.
  • You can use formulas but make sure they symbolize a distinct figure and remember to always keep the applicable information within the brackets for easy distinguishing. 

Failing to follow up on the guidelines may cause an incomplete application which can likely cause application rejection by patent examiner.

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