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Why Trademark Monitoring Services are important?

All you need to know about Trademark Monitoring

In today’s world, Trademark Monitoring plays a crucial role because of the increasing importance of brand identity. Brand identity can be anything from a name, picture, or word to a label or even a sound. Therefore, getting a trademark is an initial step toward protecting your brand image.

If your brand image gets diluted due to someone duplicating your trademark, then it can defame your brand. Therefore, Trademark Monitoring can assist you to prevent it. This blog covers, “All you need to know about Trademark Monitoring”.

What is Trademark Monitoring?

Also known as Trademark Watch, Trademark Monitoring aids you to keep a close eye on potential trademark infringement by keeping tabs on various new trademark filings and pinpointing the identical and/or similar marks.

It notifies you when a mark emerges that closely relates to your particular criteria, permitting you to analyze the situation and take suitable action to stop this potential infringement.

Trademark Monitoring ensures your total control over the trademark and assists you to monitor on attempts made by businesses or people to register similar trademarks as yours, even though they belong to other domains. 

Trademark monitoring requires proactive monitoring of registered marks and must consider the depth and breadth of the brand owner’s portfolio.

Either handled internally or with the supervision of a professional, a brand owner’s trademark monitoring plan should typically include all relevant trademark registers, to identify applications for similar and identical trademarks.

Trademark monitoring helps you to stay on loop with similar brand names found on the internet or in new trademark applications domestically and globally. 

The two types of trademark monitoring are: 

  • Identical Trademark Monitoring
  • Confusing and deceptive Trademark Monitoring

It is possible to offer both types of monitoring with or without a suggestion. Trademark monitoring with opinions include a Trademark Paralegal’s recommendation on the outcomes of an identical or similar trademark monitoring based on their examination of previous rights and the potential impact on a firm. 

Why Trademark Monitoring Services are important?

Trademark monitoring can be considered as an important aspect of trademark ownership. You as a trademark owner must consider how you will use your exclusive rights. Early identification of trademark infringement is a forerunner to enforcing your trademark rights effectively. Here are points that highlights the importance of Trademark Monitoring:

  • Respond Timely to any arising infringement
  • Know your competition and stay ahead of them 
  • Infringement protection of your trademark
  • Discourage imitators from copying your trademark 
  • Exercising trademark exclusive rights without dilution

Benefits of Trademark Monitoring: 

The distinctiveness of your brand can be severely compromised if not monitored appropriately.

With Trademark Monitoring, you can identify and take corrective measures against trademark infringement cases. As, it allows you to check and prevent imitation of your brand.

Here are some benefits of doing trademark monitoring:

  • Identify similarities in words & meaning, if not restricted to mere and identical matches.
  • Leverage identifying phonetic and visual resemblance as well
  • Provides you on time reports of intellectual property
  • Trademark monitoring is user-friendly and cost-effective analysis. 

Downfalls of not doing Trademark Monitoring

  • Loss of Trademark Rights:  As a trademark owner, if you are not constantly monitoring your trademark then it will lead to widespread use in the market. If your trademark is used for a longer time duration in the market, then it will weaken your claim on the trademark. Especially this can get very critical if the infringer is direct competition in the market. 


  • Erosion of Brand Value: As “Rome was not built in a day”, in the same way, building a brand takes years of diligent planning and efforts. Unrestricted and unchecked use of your trademarks in the market adversely impacts your brand value. It impacts your customers in a way that limits their interaction with your brand as you are not appreciating the novelty of your brand. Even other stakeholders of your organization will hesitate to agree due to the loss of your brand credibility, which will lead to revenue loss.


  • Dissipation of Brand’s Uniqueness: No matter how remarkable your product or services are they can never leave a lasting impact on your customers if you don’t create the right buzz around your brand. A considerable amount of resources is used to create a brand and once a brand is created it is equally important to do trademark monitoring to keep a close eye on your competitors. Your complacent attitude can encourage imitators to ride on your success dissipating your brand uniqueness.


Being regularly updated about your information related to trademarks via trademark monitoring helps organizations and brands to lay down their IP strategy, foresee emerging opportunities, and identify threats from competitors. Trademark Monitoring is a continuous process and when analyzed using the appropriate budgeting technique it can help your business or brand outshine. But, failing to do trademark monitoring can have serious repercussions for your brand such as trademark dilution, infringement, and a lot more.

Wissen Research provides best trademark monitoring service and assists you by monitoring fresh applications submitted to any jurisdiction’s Trademark Office, one can determine if another person is registering a similar name, logo, or design. 

Various details, including word definitions, phonetic similarities, and visual resemblances, are included in our report concerning applications that have been submitted and accepted to the Trademark Registry that are equivalent to or confusingly similar to the registered trademark.

An individual or organization can select, what measures to take to safeguard the registered trademark.

Here, you may know more about our Trademark Monitoring service.

Authored by – Robin Sharma