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Professional Hair Care Products

Professional hair care products are the only way to go when it comes to taking proper care of hair. Although they may be more expensive than their drugstore equivalents, high-quality shampoos, conditioners, serums, lotions, etc. but are so much better for the state of individual’s hair in general that one can actually see the difference.

How is Point of Care Testing Transforming the Medical Diagnosis?

Point-of-care testing, also known as near-patient testing, is a medical diagnostic procedure in which healthcare is offered close to or near the patient. Simultaneously, World Health Organization (WHO) describes an ideal POC diagnostic as a device that follows the ASSURED criteria i.e., a POCT device must be affordable, sensitive, specific, user‐friendly, rapid and robust, equipment‐free, and deliverable.

3D Printing in Cosmetic Industry: A Revolution on Way

Leading companies of 3D printing in the cosmetic industry have made designing complex designs simpler than ever, without the need for a mould. The cosmetics industry, among others, has been significantly impacted by 3D technology. With the enhancement and rise of 3D printing, designing complex shapes without the need for moulds has become easier. 3D-Printing has significantly impacted various industries, including cosmetic industry. 

Sustainable packaging: keeping it green

In today’s developed world, packaging is an essential component of a product. The goal has been to increase overall product sustainability while lowering waste and energy usage due to today’s environmental concerns.

What cancer does to an organism’s body, plastic packaging is doing to our earth. Almost every part of our globe is affected by the plastic waste. It doesn’t matter if it’s the highest mountain in the world or the deepest, darkest parts of our oceans.