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Exploring the Technology Landscape of Disposable Burr A Comprehensive Study

Exploring the Technology Landscape of Disposable Burr: A Comprehensive Study.

At Wissen Research, one of the services for which our most of the clients rely on us is Landscape studies. It is a research powered process that gives an overview of all existing and pending patents in a given sector.

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The client wanted to conduct a Technology landscape search and analysis on “Disposable burr” and further asked for graphical presentation of patent results showing patent filing trend, legal status, geographical analysis, litigations/oppositions, top players, and so on.

An overview of the proposed technology

The proposed device is a handheld rotational bone drill and grinder (“burr”) used to grind or create openings in bone. The device is typically used to remove bone during orthopedic surgery or to help remove implants. Further, the device is a cordless, handheld single-use device that is battery powered and entirely disposable.


Approach followed during search

We started our search by initially performing a preliminary search on disposable burrs which are also known as surgical drills. After that, we made various search strategies such as keyword based, class based, assignee and inventor based queries to cover all the key features. During searching, we have used different paid and freely available patent databases like, Questel Orbit, Derwent, PatSeer, Espacenet, USPTO, J-PlatPat, CNIPA, FPO, Google Patent etc. We primarily focused our search on burrs which are entirely disposable and cordless.

After performing multiple search strategies, we exported the set of patents and started the screening process. During screening and analyzing, we also extracted some additional keywords and classes to use them later in our search queries.

During the course of our search, we also came across devices that were disclosing conventional surgical drills where only some of the components of the device were disposable and were not battery supported or cordless. The main goal of the search was to capture references that disclose devices which were entirely disposable and handheld, cordless and battery operated.

After screening and analyzing multiple sets of patent references, we identified and mapped the closest patent references that disclosed the proposed device with their relevant text and images, and also provided their bibliographic details. Later, we also conducted citation analysis and similarity searches on the basis of shortlisted references to cover and identify more relevant documents.

Wrapping up the findings

At last, we prepared an informative report including the relevant patent references and their mapping along with bibliographic details and graphical analysis on the basis of these references. We also provided mapping of additional references in the report that disclose surgical drill devices which are partially disposable and are not handheld and cordless.


Therefore, to create a huge impact on business development, it is essential to know the industry and consumer’s needs, and moreover, problems and solutions associated with the particular industry. We, at Wissen Research may provide you a precise idea about various critical areas that pose challenges in the given technology. We could also provide sample reports including technology related insights to clearly visualize white space analysis that may help a business executive to use these insights to get a clear direction to make crucial business decisions.

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