POSITA-“Person Of Ordinary Skill In The Art”

In patent law, POSITA “is a hypothetical person who is presumed to have known the specific technology disclosed in the relevant art at the time of the invention.” Without being a genius, this fictitious individual is thought to have average talents and understanding in a particular technological sector. A patent on an innovation that would […]

PepsiCo registration of the variety has been revoked by the PPVFRA

PepsiCo India has lost the rights to its FC5 potato variety, which was developed specifically for Lay’s potato chips. K.V. Prabhu, Chairperson of the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPVFRA), issued an order in New Delhi on Friday cancelling PepsiCo (India) Holdings Pvt. Ltd’s PVP (plant variety protection) certificate for the FC5 […]

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