What you should know about Public domain

“Public domain” refers to works owned by the general public, no one can ever own it. Public domain material is not protected under any intellectual property rights such as patent laws, trademark, or copyright, since they’re not eligible or maybe because such rights have expired or been lost by the author, either intentionally or through […]

What are plant patents?

A plant patent is an intellectual property right that prevents others from copying, selling, or using the key qualities of a patent related to plant. By restricting competitors from using the a plant patent assist an innovator secure protection of his/her invention. Plants grown from tubes, as well as wild and uncultivated plants, are not […]

What is IDS in intellectual property?

An information disclosure statement (IDS) is a document submitted by a patent applicant to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) during the patent prosecution process that contains prior art information. All patent applicants have a responsibility to disclose all prior art or background information that may be connected to the patentability of the […]

What is Copyleft ?

Copyleft is an intellectual property license based on the concept of distributing your work to others with the freedom to copy, modify, and share it further. It provides users the opportunity to use, reform, or distribute the work in any way possible, as long as they keep the same liberty in revised editions of the […]

Teleportation Patent filed by AMD, But It’s Not for Humans

A team of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has filed a patent for teleportation. According to a report from Tom’s Hardware, the patent does not include human teleportation, but include the teleportation of qubits, the quantum computational equivalent of bits in classical computing. The company’s recent study of quantum teleportation techniques resulted in the new patent, […]

Patent and Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly developing technologies in terms of patent filings at the Patent and Trademark Office. Annual AI patent applications increased by more than 90% between 2002 and 2019. This increase in AI based patent applications highlights the necessity for applicants to develop a strategy for building a patent portfolio […]

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