Patent Licensing : Benefits Of ln-Licensing & Out-Licensing

It is not easy to bring a new product or invention to market. It’s a time-consuming procedure that starts from the day you experienced your eureka moment. There are many obstacles between filing a patent to protect your invention and progressing from the planning stage to manufacturing. Even getting a patent is a big challenge […]

6 Important Things About Freedom To Operate Search

Are you taking steps to assure that you will have the freedom to develop and sell the products you’re working on? Before launching the product or service in the marketplace, it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re looking for. To begin, you must be knowledgeable about your product as well as the market and industry […]

What is a Divisional Patent Application?

When an applicant’s patent application claims multiple innovations, the applicant may split the application and submit two or more applications, one for each of the inventions, on his own or in response to an official objection. Divisional is a type of patent application that has been divided from the parent application. All divisional patent applications […]

5 Things to keep in mind, when it comes to licensing intellectual property

Licensing is frequently the finest and most appealing option to commercialize or profit from one’s intellectual property, especially when dealing with a utility product or manufacturing process. For example, the patent holder has the right to restrict illegal use of protected technology and demand compensation if their IP is infringed. Many organizations’ growth depends on […]

Winning Strategies For Responding to an Office Action

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely just received a correspondence from the Patent and Trademark Office informing you that your patent application has been issued an ‘office action’. Now you’re trying to figure out what exactly an office action is, what you need to do to respond to it and who is the best […]

What is the importance of Patent Proofreading and its benefits?

What is patent proofreading? Patent Proofreading benefits in the finding of any errors that may have gone missing during the drafting of specifications. It also benefits in eliminating any harm that may have resulted from the error in the patent draft.  It is essential for assignees/applicants to proofread patents to detect all PTO/applicant errors and […]

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