Adaptation v/s Copyright Infringement in India

Under Indian law, an adaptation is simply a format change, in which a copyrighted work is changed from one format to another. The copyright in a derivative work solely applies to the material contributed by the adapter, and therefore has no effect on the copyright protection provided to the original material. Adaptation, according to copyright […]

What is Copyleft ?

Copyleft is an intellectual property license based on the concept of distributing your work to others with the freedom to copy, modify, and share it further. It provides users the opportunity to use, reform, or distribute the work in any way possible, as long as they keep the same liberty in revised editions of the […]

What is copyfraud ?

The act of falsely claiming copyright over a work that is in the public domain is referred as copyfraud. Such statements are false, at least under copyright law in the United States and Australia, because anything that is not copyrighted is free to use, edit, and reproduce by anybody. Works in the public domain are […]

What is DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was approved in 1998. It is an American law that criminalizes the unlawful use of copyrighted materials and also secures creative works on the internet and establishes the legal framework for digital rights management. It includes articles, video, and pictures, other things. You can visit their official website […]

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