Adaptation v/s Copyright Infringement in India

Under Indian law, an adaptation is simply a format change, in which a copyrighted work is changed from one format to another. The copyright in a derivative work solely applies to the material contributed by the adapter, and therefore has no effect on the copyright protection provided to the original material. Adaptation, according to copyright […]

Disney’s Character Mickey Mouse Will Become Public Domain in 2024

Mickey Mouse, the Walt Disney Company’s famous mascot, is one of the world’s most known and adorable characters. Mickey Mouse has been a part of popular culture since his initial debut in the film Steamboat Willie in 1928. He has appeared in cartoons, movies, video games, “in-person” at Disney theme parks, and on nearly every […]

What is Copyleft ?

Copyleft is an intellectual property license based on the concept of distributing your work to others with the freedom to copy, modify, and share it further. It provides users the opportunity to use, reform, or distribute the work in any way possible, as long as they keep the same liberty in revised editions of the […]

What is copyfraud ?

The act of falsely claiming copyright over a work that is in the public domain is referred as copyfraud. Such statements are false, at least under copyright law in the United States and Australia, because anything that is not copyrighted is free to use, edit, and reproduce by anybody. Works in the public domain are […]

What is Orphan Work in Copyright

An ‘orphan work’ is a piece of work – such as a painting, music, a book, or a film – that has copyright but whose author or owner is either unknown/unidentified or cannot be traced. For users that desire to use orphan works for commercial or non-commercial reasons, orphan works may be a significant challenge. […]

Some Factors That Are Not Covered By Copyright

Any time you (or your company) creates something tangible, think about whether you can or should seek an official registered copyright to safeguard your work. Copyright refers to ownership of intellectual property that is: Unique and original creation. Available in a tangible form, such as a book or music recording. May or may not be […]

What is Freedom of Panorama in Copyright Law ?

Freedom of Panorama is taken from the German word “Panoramafreiheit”. In the F.O.P individuals have the right to publish images of public buildings and public structures that are permanently attached to public locations, and this is one of the exceptions to the Copyright law. The “French-Italian model” and the “German-English model” are the two modular […]

What is DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was approved in 1998. It is an American law that criminalizes the unlawful use of copyrighted materials and also secures creative works on the internet and establishes the legal framework for digital rights management. It includes articles, video, and pictures, other things. You can visit their official website […]


Every website is an image of someone, it can be used for personal or business purposes. If you put so much effort and time into building the website, then you should protect it from being copied by others. A copyright on a website is a form of notice used to inform people that website content […]