Intellectual Property

What you should know about Public domain

“Public domain” refers to works owned by the general public, no one can ever own it. Public domain material is not protected under any intellectual property rights such as patent laws, trademark, or copyright, since they’re not eligible or maybe because such rights have expired or been lost by the author, either intentionally or through […]

Inventions that changed the world in the last 10 years

Anything new that is usefully and created by man in the world is called an invention. Inventors are people who create something unique that didn’t exist before. For the past decade, several people have come up with the greatest inventions that improved living standards. Let’s look at some of the inventions that have changed the […]

Four Types of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is a category of certain properties consisting of the invisible creation of the human intellect. Whenever a company or an individual is having a unique/novel idea/content/name. They usually seek legal protection from intellectual property to enjoy exclusive rights on their side. These inventions can be in the form of artistic works, designs, and […]

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