What is Patent Docketing?

What is Patent Docketing

Patent Docketing Patent docketing has become an important technique in recent years. This is due to the fact that filing a patent is a time-consuming process that creates a lot of paperwork. As a result, it becomes difficult for businesses to keep track of their projects and meet multiple deadlines. To ease out the process, […]

Winning Strategies For Responding to an Office Action

Winning Strategies For Responding

Winning Strategies For Responding To an Office Action If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely just received a correspondence from the Patent and Trademark Office informing you that your patent application has been issued an ‘office action’. Now you’re trying to figure out what exactly an office action is, what you need to do to […]

5 Important Steps For Effective Prior Art Search

5 Important Steps for Effective Prior Art Search Blog

5 Important Steps For Effective Prior Art Search If you’re an inventor who is looking to understand everything about prior art search or seeking patent protection, you’ve landed on the right page. By the time you’ll finish reading this blog, you’ll have a good idea of what can be included in the prior art and […]

What is Patent Prosecution?

What is Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution is the process of drafting, filing, and working with the patent office to establish patent protection rights to a unique invention. Patent prosecution includes several steps. It starts with developing a strategy to protect your intellectual property and concludes with responding to an office action. The prosecution of a patent begins with a […]

TSM: Bringing Clarity to the Obviousness Analysis

Bringing Clarity to the Obviousness Analysis

Bringing Clarity to the Obviousness Analysis The TSM stands for Teaching, Suggestion, and Motivation. According to this TSM test, “patent claim is only proved obvious if the comprehension of a person having ordinary competence in the art, the prior art or nature of the problem indicates some motivation or suggestion to combine the prior art […]

Everything You Need to Know About Contract Review

Contract Review

Contract review is an important element of the contracting process and provides the means to comprehend all of what you and your company agree to before you put pen on paper. It is about reading and comprehending a contract completely before agreeing its terms and conditions. It can be done manually or with the use […]

How To Search For Design Patents

patent design

How to perform a Design Patent Search ? A design patent search includes searching through existing patents to ensure that your design hasn’t been patented before. For original, unique, and ornamental designs for an item, a design patent is available. It allows an inventor to come up with a new design of existing designs. A […]

Cryptocurrencies and Patents

Cryptocurrencies and patents

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was initially outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto in a 2009 article. Even now, Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is a mystery. It’s possible that this pseudonym is used by a group of persons that are working together. However, it is undeniable that Bitcoin’s whole idea as a revolutionary currency changed the worldwide financial […]

What is patent translation?

What is Patent Translation

The process of translating a patent application into another language so that information about the innovation can be accessed by a global audience is termed patent translation. This is especially crucial nowadays when organizations are increasingly competing on a global scale. In this field, success is based on invention, which is why patent protection for […]

Opposition and Nullity

Opposition and Nullity

Opposition or Nullity Action Is a granted patent interfering with your company operations, or are you particularly facing patent infringement actions or a warning, for instance? In this situation, you can either oppose the patent or file a nullity complaint if the nine-month opposition period has expired. An opposition or nullity action may revocate a […]