What is a Trademark filing?

A trademark is a visual depiction of a name, word, label, device, or numeric character that a company uses to distinguish its goods and/or services from comparable goods and/or services provided by another company. A trademark application is filed with a patent and trademark office by an individual. Only filing a trademark application does not […]

Service Mark

What is Service Mark A service mark is a special type of trademark used in many countries to identify service. A service mark may include a word, phrase, symbol, design, or some combination of these elements. “SM” is symbol donated for service mark which placed top right corner of the brand logo. It is an […]

What is a Trade Dress

MEANING OF TRADE DRESS A trade dress is a combination of visual appearance of a product or its packaging that are unique. It is a form of Intellectual Property. This legal term of art encompasses all elements that make up the overall visual image of an product. This includes the color, shape, size, composition, packaging […]

What is a Soundmark?

A sound mark is a form of trademark that identifies and distinguishes a product or service through audio, musical composition (melody). A sound mark is also known as a sound trademark. It also represent the products or services depending on the popularity of the goods and services which a company offers. However, in recent years, […]