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This study explores the potential of Zn(NH3)(CO3) for selective CO2 separation. It develops a novel highly controllable single-pot synthesis approach based on urea hydrolysis and solvothermal aging to increase the feasibility of synthesizing Zn(NH3)(CO3), determines the structure of Zn(NH3)(CO3) in detail through single-crystal X-ray diffraction and powder X-ray diffraction analyses, and performs adsorption analyses for the compound using N2, H2, and CO2 as adsorptive.

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The process to produce polypropylene described herein includes contacting propylene, in a polymerization system, with one or more catalyst systems, at a temperature above 90 °C and at a pressure above 12 MPa. The polymerization advantageously takes place in a homogeneous polymerization system within a continuous polymerization reactor.

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Compositions containing a preservative system containing two biocidal components, a first component comprising a formaldehyde donor compound, and the second component comprising one or more isothiazolinone compounds, where the weight ratio of the first component to the second component ranges from about 1:1 to about 10,000:1.

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Identifying a human having cancer selected from the group consisting of the prostate, renal, melanoma, colon, ovarian, lung, and central nervous system cancer; and administering to the human.

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Compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, useful as inhibitors of sodium channels are provided. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds or pharmaceutically acceptable salts and methods of using the compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, and pharmaceutical compositions in the treatment of various disorders, including pain.