Consumer electronic technology

The Consumer electronic marketplace/ technology are one that is unceasingly growing and evolving. The market shows stimulating growth in last few years and at a speedy pace. In this editorial, we will discuss the statistics of consumer electronics market in last few years and total retail turn over. This stat covers some major companies in the field of product, sales, revenue, market share and consumer demands and satisfaction.

electronic market revenue

Let’s take a look at the stats of apple from last decades. In the year 2015 Apple proclaims its maximum revenue year till dates. In the 2016 economic year, Apple profits come to a total of 215.64 billion US dollar.

Global revenue apple

Now, these figures show a position of customer electronic engineering service earner corporations rendering to how many patents had been allocated to them at the end of the year 2016. Well IBM takes the 1st position among all with 8,088 patent in 2016 and stay on top for 24 years. Patents grant exclusionary rights to an invention – an invention or process that is a key to a precise technical problem. They can be seen as a needle of the invention, to trail rates of scientific change or development, or display the health of exploration and expansion. Where exact patents are connected to industries, they can infrequently be used as a gauge for judging the existing or coming way of a business’s benefits.

companies with patent

Get patent file in USPTO and get granted. The companies need to invest more in their research and development team. If we take close look at Companies then we find that the companies are investing a lot in their invention.

investment in R&D

So we believe coming years, these consumers electronics service providers have lots of promise for their customer.


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