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Deals, M&A, and Corporate Finance Support

Today’s M&A activity requires decision-makers to make the right decisions quickly and confidently to avoid missing out on possibilities. This necessitates clarity and a thorough understanding of the deal, both of which can be challenging to obtain as the deal-making environment grows progressively complex.

Wissen research understand the challenges faced by both parties in a transaction and recognize the need for both parties to drive maximum deal value. Our Deal Advisory M&A professionals with vast deal experience, broad range of skills and deep industry expertise create holistic solutions that will help you confidently navigate the complexities of merger and acquisitions, identifying the key risks and benefits throughout the deal cycle.

For Sellers:

We assist sellers in determining the risks and benefits of divestiture. We evaluate your circumstances and support your negotiating position in order to maximize the sales price and close the deal with the least amount of damage to your business operations.

For Buyers:

We assist you in identifying target markets and potential targets, as well as facilitating a smooth acquisition procedure, even for the most complicated deals. We assist you in aligning deals with your strategic business goals, maintaining compliance, and maximising value from integration.    

During the critical stages of planning and implementing acquisitions and divestitures, our team of Deal Advisory professionals works seamlessly with you and other parties engaged in the deal to focus on the key questions.

How do I maximize value?

What is the asset worth to me?

What business can I acquire in my target markets?

Why choose Wissen research?

Wissen research has extensive buy-side and sell-side engagement experience.. Clients choose us for our:

  • Experience, including more than 500 M&A transactions in the past 8 years.
  • Global reach, including dedicated M&A professionals in the United States, UK, Europe and India.
  • Delivers clear and easy-to-interpret reports created specifically for M&A research and illustrate financials with graphs.
  • We assist our clients in streamlining the divestiture process and obtaining best deal for their assets by conducting divestiture valuation analysis and projections, shortlisting and profiling buyers, and listing market trends.
  • Dedicated industry expertise across 8 sectors: Mechanical, Electronics, Communication, Medical, Material science, Chemistry, Life science and Software.
  • A wide range of in-house corporate finance services that help our clients improve their M&A processes and outcomes.