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A circuit to achieve lower noise OGE signals and better stability of radiofrequency driven gas discharge Interaction of optical stimulus with discharge results in opto galvanic effect.

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A light-emitting diode (LED) package comprising: A first plastic portion having a mounting surface and a lower surface; and A second portion surrounding the first plastic portion

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A sensing component is placed on cable(s) and senses a condition on the cured concrete member. A measurement of the sensed condition is wirelessly communicated and the concrete member is also poured about the sensing component in such a way so that it can sense the condition of the concrete member.

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An inductive power transfer system comprising: a transmitter circuit comprising a transmitter coil; and a receiver circuit comprising a receiver coil spaced from the transmitter coil.

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This invention is suitable in the case of building a battery pack with a serially connected group of cells which is also connected to a half-bridge/full bridge. This invention results in lower losses and has lower costs for constituent components as the number of components is very small and has a simple control strategy.