Infringement Search provides information about those products that may infringe the client’s patent. The client can then utilize the results for claiming royalty for the patent.
Searches are conducted in non-patent databases and sometimes in Patent Citations (for non-patent references) to find particular products/methods that are infringing the claims of a Patent.

Patent Infringement Search is performed to find already existing or valid patents whose claims matches the claim on other the patent. This search can also be performed by a company that owns a particular product who wishes to identify patents that it may be Infringing.infringement search

Wissen Research provides you with

  1. Essential patent information concerning infringement in lawsuits to prove that you are not infringing a valid patent claim
  2. Proof of infringement, if any, on your valuable patented technology.

Our expert team employ strategic methods to perform an in-depth search for patents in multiple databases. The aforesaid search comprises of two steps:

First, the claims are analyzed by studying the documents related to patent.

Second, the claims must “read on” the accused device or process which means that device or process is studied deeply to check if it is described by the claims.


The search saves millions of dollars in infringement cases prior to the launch of product

  1. Analysing patent infringement risk before producing and marketing a product
  2. Pre‐acquisition or investment assessments of a patent’s strength
  3. Invalidating the claiming patent can save your patent
  4. To figure out a strategic way to invalidate the patent of the competito