The IOT is making human smarter. People who are not technically sound are also using and applying IOT technologies in their day to day life such as door automation (smart door), light sensor, Wi-Fi AC etc. This brings a lot of excitement for the person to know new gadgets who can speak to them.

We can say that IOT is the beginning of a New Era in Research and development Industry with lots of promises.

Let’s take a look at a few points that explain, how IOT is going to be a part of human life in coming years.

1. IOT connecting things together
It is connecting all modules together means the user is getting connected with smart devices and the smart devices are connecting to the other ordinary devices.

2. It makes people more potential
This means that now people need not to worry about their daily routine. If they forgot things such as left gas stove, open our front door unlock, they can manage this by their smart devices.

3. The automated car system brings joy and safety.
The Automobile sector is spending a lot on innovation. Now few companies are testing self-driven cars, that is the revolution in the automobile industry.

4. It helps you to monitor health status.
Experts say, “By 2020, 4 Million patients globally will be able to remotely monitor their health conditions. ”

5. It Increases productivity and the quality of products
Yes, it brings automation and better quality to work at some of the hazardous industries by reducing the physical work.

6. Now cities, societies are getting smarter.
All the amenities are being managed online with the help of IOT such as Electricity system, Water system & Transportation etc.

7. IOT changes the way of Business Today
You can monitor your employees from any location. Sales and Purchase are fully automated with the help of IOT technology.

There are lots of limitations and challenges in IOT. A lot of smart and automated devices do not work together. The Ideas are being Infringed and need to be secured. Besides this IOT (Internet of things) has a very bright future. That time is not so far when machine rules the world.

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