Wissen Research provides IP support services for their client. Our portfolio shows our area of expertise. Below some of expertise is explains as we do…

  • Paralegal Services
  • Patent Filing and Prosecution
  • Patent Proofreading
  • Trademark/ Copyright Filing and Prosecution
  • Patent/Trademark/ Copyright Litigation

Paralegal Services

We assist attorneys and perform vital functions in filing and maintaining Patents.

Patent Filing and Prosecution

We file Patents according to the laws for various Patent and Trademark Offices and prosecute the case till the invention is granted a Patent.

Patent Proofreading

We have a professional team of lawyers and engineers to identify errors in the patent draft. We understand the value of patents; a wrongly claimed patent may have no use, hence the proofreaders work on the technical side and try to broaden the scope of claim.

Trademark/ Copyright Filing and Prosecution

We assist clients while filing and prosecuting Trademark and Copyright cases in India.

Patent/Trademark/ Copyright Litigation Services

We provide litigation services in the Indian Territory. The legal team is highly dedicated and talented and has an experience of over ten years in the field.