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A Self-propelled Towable vehicle includes an axle housing to which towing wheels can be attached and towing wheels are allowed to be moved up and down position to connect or disconnect the contact of vehicle wheels with the ground.

A side dump trailer, comprising: an elongated wheel frame having a longitudinal axis; A tub having an open top and first and second ends, the tub being pivot-ally mounted to the frame for pivotal movement from an upstanding position wherein the top is upwardly presented and the tub is centrally located concerning the longitudinal axis of the frame to a side dump position wherein the top is tilted and the tub is offset concerning the longitudinal axis of the frame for dumping

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A method for air injection into at least one tire, comprising causing air to flow through an airline running through an axle, the airflow continuing through an air shaft into a rotary air chamber secured to a hub cap;

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A kind of electric drill having a cartridge that is sheathed on the outside of mounting portion with And the more screw thread screwdriver bits being installed in the cartridge, a side end face of the cartridge is circumstantially spaced to criticize equipped with multiple for screw thread