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The inner diameter of the needle nearly matches the outer diameter of the stylet at all or some portion of their common longitudinal length to form an effective valve closure and to have the needle/stylet assembly filled with heparinized saline solution filled in the lab and trapped in the needle/stylet assembly.

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A rod reducing device comprising: A housing defining a longitudinal axis, The housing including first and second grasping members configured to grasp a portion of a bone anchor there between the first and second grasping members defining a plane.

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A method for repairing a spinal disorder comprising: inserting a polyaxial screw into a vertebral bone, the polyaxial screw comprised of a screw and a cap; applying a force on ahead of the polyaxial screw by advancing a cylindrical contact rod down into the cap to prevent polyaxial rotation of the screw with respect to the cap.

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Vaginal cuff closure is a critical component of hysterectomy, with many variations in surgical technique and materials. This review provides an overview of intracorporeal suturing and knot-tying techniques at the level of a junior resident in obstetrics and gynecology and describes several validated models that have been developed to test resident skill level in vaginal cuff closure.