When filing for a patent, you are relying on the drawings to accurately convey the design and function to the examiner. The views that are created must be completely consistent with one another. Elevation and plan views must be devoid of all perspective. It is especially critical to file formal drawings prepared by a professional draftsperson when filing for design patents because inadequate drawings rejected by the Design Unit may lead to the abandonment of the case as the USPTO issues new matter rejections to any later changes.


Wissen Research's patent illustrators can assist you by drafting patent figures and drawings to supplement your Patent Application so that your invention is clearly and easily understood. We can create patent drawings from a sample, digital photo, prototypes, rough sketches, inventor disclosures and computer images or import images from Microsoft Office (Power Point, Word) and other applications.

All Patent Figures and Drawings undergo Wissen Research’s thorough quality assurance checks before they are added to your Patent Application.