Patent Illustration (Drawings) Services

Illustrations in the patent application, are called Formal Patent Drawings. These drawings represent the invention, its embodiments of the prior art. The patent illustrations are designed in compliance with the rules and regulations, regulated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Office (USPTO), PCT/WIPO, SIPO, JPO, Indian Patent Office, European Patent Office (EPO), and other Patent Offices.

Need of Formal Patent Drawing

Patent drawings are an integral part of the process and are essential for a thorough understanding of a patent. Any patent application is strengthened and enhanced by accurate, clear drawings. The patent’s readability is improved by well-drafted drawings. The drawings themselves can be used to explain an invention. A good patent illustration can make patent writing easier, therefore speeding up the entire process.


How Wissen Research Benefits in Patent Drawings

Wissen Research provides the Intellectual Property community with high-quality patent drawings with expedited personalized service and also assembles the formal patent drawings for utility and design patent applications / industrial design applications. Our team is expertise in preparing both utility and design patent drawings. We have a dedicated team of 5+ illustrators for preparing illustrations having more than 7+ years of experience in CorelDraw, AutoCAD, TurboCAD, and Visio. Our expertise team in patent drawings delivers zero error and high-quality drawings to law firms, inventors, and corporate legal departments.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • At Wissen Research, we serve illustration services to patent attorneys, inventors, and businesses around the world.

  • We assist our clients with all patent drawing requirements and provide best services with timeline.

  • We do a thorough review during the overall work of patent illustration and provides the deliverable in different formats viz. PDFs, VSD (Visio files), CDR (CorelDraw files), DWG (AutoCAD files), SLD, PNG, Docx, PPT, Ai, and JPEG etc.

  • Expertise in handling office actions related to drawings

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