Every invention is patentable only if it fulfills all the criteria of patentability. The idea behind it should be non-obviousness and has novelty too. A prior art search makes it ascertain whether the invention is new and distinct, or not.

Our IP and patent analysts work extensively to identify all the minute details of the inventions and look for any patent (published, granted or lapsed) and non-patent literatures which could be considered as a prior art for the the provided invention disclosure, which would thus impact its patentability and validity. We deliver comprehensive patent searches through the patent, non-patent and even business databases, thus delivering the most in-depth results.


  • A prior art search uncovers all the existing knowledge prior to the invention. This Knowledge helps an inventor to get a factual idea of the novelty in their ideas. This not only gives them a clear idea about their work and enable to rework on their patent application to get the granted.
  • Carrying out a prior art study at the beginning of any research enables you to detect existing developments in that sector which potentially saves time and money.
  • A prior art search also at times serves as the basis for a state-of-the-art study to understand the technical aspect before beginning research work.
  • A prior art search further enables organizations to check the validity and invalidity of the patent.

We specialize in the following prior art searches: