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Patent Proofreading

Patent Proofreading Services

What is patent proofreading?

Proofreading a patent is likely the most crucial final stage in the patent application process. The patent specification must be proofread after the patent draft has been finalized. Patent Proofreading benefits in the finding of any errors that may have gone missing during the drafting of specifications. It also benefits in eliminating any harm that may have resulted from the error in the patent draft. 

Whether it is the PTO or applicant that had committed errors the responsibility to rectify these errors lies with the applicant. Assignees/applicants need to proofread patents to detect all PTO/applicant errors and ensure that these errors do not affect the patent’s enforceability.

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Why does Proofreading matter?

Patent proofreading is a crucial part of the patent lifecycle since it allows you to look for errors and fix them in your patent application to avoid unwanted patent rejection and financial losses. Before submitting the patent application to the patent office for evaluation, many challenging aspects must be filed correctly.

We use a variety of things, such as punctuation, phrases, specifications, spelling, paragraphs, technical jargon, patent claims, and so on, which may or may not be equivalent to what the inventor wants from his work, or which may or may not have enough power in writing to influence the intended audience. As a result, proofreading is a way of determining if the intended part is accurately defined and reflected in the application or not.

Some important details may be overlooked, but they can simply be added after proofreading the patent application. To avoid any issues that could result in the application being rejected, it must be evaluated again so that it can be modified or fixed before being presented to the patent examiner. As a result, proofreading the application after drafting should be made mandatory, as it will save money, time, and effort for the inventor as well as the patent examiner, and will raise the chances of obtaining a patent.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • Wissen Research’s services are to identify errors in the application drafts related to any asset, which could otherwise result in unnecessary office actions.
  • To ensure that a patent is error-free, our team members run thorough manual and technical regulations at the same time. Our proofreaders are well-versed in patent laws and have received training in drafting best practices for a variety of jurisdictions, including the United States, the European Union, Australia, and others.
  • We also generate ready-to-file Correction requests (such as a Certificate of Correction in the USPTO specified format) that can be filed with the PTOs, to save our clients valuable time.
  • When proofreading a work, we ensure that all regulations and standards established by each Office are followed.
  • Our highly qualified professionals ensure that your application remains flawless by providing a detailed cross-examination of a granted application.