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Design Registration Service

A person who is claiming to be the owner of a new or unique design that has not been previously published in any country and is not in infringement of public order or morals may apply for registration. Protection for the features of shape, configuration, pattern, or ornaments, design registration is used. Thereby, the objective of design registration is to grant the owner, an exclusive right to utilize and commercialize the design.

The Locarno Classification is an international method for classifying goods to register industrial designs which aid in design searches. According to the Locarno Agreement, 2000 designs have been registered in various function-oriented classes. Design registration confers rights for 15 years from the date of application is granted. The registration is valid for ten years and can be renewed for an additional five years.


  • Inventive and exclusive rights are offered to the innovative and original design.
  • One can file legal action if a third party infringes on your intellectual property.
  • Act as clear evidence in a patent infringement case.
  • Ease of selling, transferring and licensing the design provided to the owner.

Why choose Wissen Research?

 In Wissen Research, we provide assistance to do design registration, to protect the visual appearance of your product worldwide.

  • Our experts ensure that your application is properly drafted and then get your design registered.
  • We assist you in searching to make sure that the intended design has not already been registered.
  • We assist you with the complete design registration process.