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     PATENT TERM ADJUSTMENTS (PTA)                               CALCULATIONS

Patent term adjustment (PTA) may be a process administered by the us Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for verifying day-for-day credits to the regular twenty-year term from the filing of a application supported delays in prosecution at the USPTO offset by delays caused by applicants. Patent Term Adjustment is calculated supported examiner and applicant delays during patent prosecution. The goal of PTA is to make incentives to ensure prompt action from each side in prosecuting patents.

We at Wissen Research help our clients within the validation of the Patent Term Adjustments calculated by USPTO. We review all of the events in prosecution to work out the right PTA. A report is provided detailing our calculation and comparing it to the PTO’s calculation. Our process involves calculating the expiration date by calculating the upkeep fee, extensions of patent term, patent continuity and disclaimer of patent termination during a fast and accurate manner. We use proprietary processes using both electronic and human review developed in working with patent attorneys and clients.

Knowledge of the term of a patent is especially important, especially for a patent where the ultimate portion of its life is that the most precious . Accordingly, how the patent is prosecuted is equally important, as decisions made during prosecution can positively and negatively affect the accrual of PTA, and thus the patent’s term.

On the surface, it’s going to appear to be the calculation of PTA is comparatively simple. However, this is often a posh area folks law, and US jurisprudence firms typically have in-house expertise in calculating PTA.

Wissen Research keep up of this complex area of us patent law, and work closely with Shelston IP’s extensive network folks Agents to tailor the prosecution of every US application with a view to maximizing PTA. If you’ve got any questions concerning PTA and/or your US application , you’re invited to make contact together with your Wissen Research patent attorney.

Why Wissen Research?

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