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Trademark Search

Trademark Search Service

A Trademark Search is a process that allows businesses to decide whether they can go forward using the trademark or not for commercial purposes so that they can avoid infringing any third party’s trademark. 

Trademark Search service gives assurance that your trademark rights are protected. If related or specific names come up throughout the search, your chances of getting your mark registered are weak. As a result, conducting a Trademark Search before submitting/filing a trademark application is essential.

Why do you need Trademark Search Service?

A Trademark Search saves the cost that you would have spent on getting a trademark that’s not available. Your trademark should be unique and original so that you can be distant from infringement litigations. You can get the flexibility to make modifications to your trademark before launching with the help of an in-depth Trademark Search. Therefore, Trademark Search helps you in reducing the costs of litigation and eliminate the chance of forced re-branding. 

How can you search for a Trademark?

A Trademark Search requires a high level of expertise, proficiency and an extensive procedure that brings out the best results. Businesses frequently work with Trademark Search experts to get superior results while also being effective and efficient. Such partners stand next to you and offer speedy findings on existing identical trademark names that fall under the same classifications and have access to multiple databases, therefore, making Trademark Search easy for you.

What is the scope of a Trademark Search?

The scope of the Trademark Search is that you can get the details about already-existing or registered trademarks. This also gives you information related to any similar and existing brand name, logo, and list of prohibited trademarks. Trademark Search assists you to avoid any conflicts with already existing trademark applications along with violations of intellectual property rights.

Why is it important to do a Trademark Search?

A clear-cut answer is to search “Trademark”. A Trademark Search helps you extract information related to similar trademarks that can limit your capacity to protect your mark. Trademark protection allows your customer to know that the goods or services are coming from you. Also, you can make it difficult to copy your trademark.  

Why choose Wissen Research to conduct Trademark searches?

  • Wissen Research, handle all the important responsibilities for you, by doing a thorough search of the existing trademark registrations and applications.
  • We assist in examining if there is any other mark that is similar to yours that could prohibit your mark from being registered.
  • We ensure that your rights are protected by reviewing new trademark registrations regularly and providing you with real-time information on any potential infringement.
  • We offer a wide range of searches including; U.S. Comprehensive, International, Design, and many other search types.