Trademark Search Service

Trademark search service gives assurance that your trademark rights are protected. If related or specific names come up throughout the search, your chances of getting your mark registered are weak. As a result, conducting a trademark search before submitting/filing a trademark application is essential.

Need of Trademark Search

To ensure about an individual’s intended trademark or similar marks have previously been adopted by someone else, a trademark search is performed before submitting an application to register your brand name or logo. The search technique involves analyzing various data for all trademarks that have been applied for and published, as well as trademarks that have been denied or abandoned during the application stage.

Trademark Search

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • Wissen Research, handle all the important responsibilities for you, by doing a thorough search of the existing trademark registrations and applications.

  • We assist in examine if there is any other mark that is similar to yours that could prohibit your mark from being registered.

  • We ensure that your rights are protected by reviewing new trademark registrations on a regular basis and providing you with real-time information on any potential infringement.

  • Our user-friendly web portal allows you to save and examine your daily reports.

  • We offers a wide range of searches including; U.S. Comprehensive, International, Design and many other search types.

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