Infringement Search Service

Wissen Research is the most reliable and leading organization that has productive recommendations and guidance on intellectual property assets. We frequently assist corporate behemoths in identifying goods that may infringe on their patent portfolio.

Our rigorous infringement analyses leave no stone untouched, resulting in targeted results owing to our search and analytics experts’ strong subject expertise. We formulate reports on infringement research based on an extensive investigation. We also provide a well-classified report of an invention to claim a well-labeled mapping of patents and other infringing products.


Many technological firms and individuals go to great lengths to get all of the exclusive rights to a patent. They may begin to have concerns about the safety of their innovations, which is why intellectual property assets provide an infringement search analysis.

Patent infringement (patent to product mapping) searches are done to ensure that your patented innovation is not fabricated, exploited, or sold without your approval. Infringement analysis is used out of whether a product or technique infringes on a patent claim that already exists.

The date is the most concerning factor in this search since occasionally a product infringes on a subject patent after the priority date.

Infringement can be resisted:

  • By obtaining a commercial license
  • By paying royalties

There are several ways of how you can conduct infringement research, though the major part of it is making sure about the determination of the scope of the claim and also finding out if all the aspects of the claim exist in the invention or process.

Therefore, for you to determine if a product is patented, various claims of the patent must be evaluated to the extent that if the product includes every entity in any of the described claims, then it precisely means infringing on a patent. If there was an overlooking on any element in the claim, it never infringes from a literal infringement point of view whereby its aspect transforms to evaluation from the Doctrine of Equivalence (DOE) perspective.


  • It helps in Preventing cases with infringement and prior art

  • It also facilitates an authorization on whether the application of a patent can conceivably pass approval from the applicable patent offices.

  • It’s also an advantage to the one filing to have reduced costs related to filing and changing a patent.

Our Search Procedure includes

A thorough understanding of the patent.

  • Independent claims of the patent are considered for conducting a search.

  • Conducting a quick search on the broadest claim to confirm infringement.

  • Apply unique Analysis Formula to yield targeted search results:

  • High-end searches by subject matter experts with extensive database coverage.
  • Also provides Evidence of use (EOU) charts or claim charts, which map possibly infringing product attributes to claim components of the relevant patent.

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