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                Patent citation analysis

Patent citation analysis is a bibliometric method used to analyze forward and backward citations of a single patents or a group of patents. The analysis report visually represents relationship between patents in terms of cited patents or citing patents.

Patent citation analysis gives an idea of the value of a particular patent that a client wishes to acquire. The number of times a patent is cited and the number of applicants who have cited the patent are key indicators in deciding a value of a patent through citation analysis. Though doubts are being raised about the use of citation analysis to assess the quality of a patent, citation analysis can be a key to identify prominent players in the field including potential competitors, partners and/or infringers. Based on the analysis, the client can plan and design the direction of their R&D activities related to that technology. Citation analysis provides a snapshot view of the direction of competitors’, activity, and also highlights licensing and other business opportunities.

Why Wissen Research?

  • Access to multiple free and commercial sources of patent information databases that provide global coverage of patents
  • Access to various tools for mapping and visualization
  • Transformation of complex data into easily comprehensible visual representation
  • Customized reports to meet client specifications
  • Three-level quality checks
  • Experienced personnel from major technical domains
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