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Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Curious about how to efficiently analyze both the research and development landscape and business opportunities? Well, Wissen research is a well trusted patent portfolio analysis service provider that provides SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) of the portfolio and helps to improve your strategic decisions.

Patent portfolio analysis is regarded as a relevant support service categorized and analyzed with respect to business and technological aspects. It usually acts as a strategy of how a company will benefit in the future in terms of both related and unrelated patents.

Patent portfolio analysis is conducted to identify the potential of all patents within the portfolio. One of the most important aspects of patent portfolio analysis is to examine and understand how and which of the currently prevailing products in the market are potentially infringing upon the patents in the allocated portfolio.

Benefits of Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • It assists you to get an in-detail comparative analysis of your organization by evaluating the patent portfolio.
  • It assists you to get an in-detail comparative analysis of your organization by evaluating the patent portfolio.
  • Patent portfolio analysis also assists to identify gaps in a company’s portfolio and to discover new business partners to sell, acquire, license or cross license the
  • Improves annual budgeting by withdrawing weak patents that have no market value.
  • It aids in the strategic decision-making process, which is often associated with mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.
  • It helps organization get the most out of its assets by the identification of new patenting options and creating infringement opportunities.
  • Patent portfolio analysis also assists your business in arranging and managing the patent portfolio as per the company’s objective.
  • Assists in gaining valuable insight into the R&D scenario and strategizing your R&D investment in conjunction with your patenting activities.

How Patent Portfolio Works?

They are several steps to consider when conducting a patent portfolio analysis such as:

  • Classifying patents accordingly

This involves identification of the taxonomy and classifying the patents accordingly in a detailed manner as well as out-licensing the unusual (weak) patents

  • Outlining a patent

This consist of a more detailed review and analysis, giving more attention to the patent’s strength and value to strategies your research and development investment.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • In-depth market analysis along with the multiple graphs that will help you in patent ratings. Graphical analysis to depict the progress of technology across time.
  • We may also assist you to find potential licensing prospects by doing defensive patent portfolio analysis (studying competing patent portfolios against your product line).
  • We also have relevant techniques for building up a reliable portfolio with high quality and standards.
  • The most valuable patents in the portfolio are identified and ranked based on the relevance of the underlying technology and market potential.
  • Developing frameworks for various patent portfolios to aid in the effective extraction, maintenance, and interpretation of intellectual property assets.
  • Our patent portfolio analysis report will give a complete insight into any lapses in the legal, regulatory, and administrative procedures related to the management of IP assets.
  • User-friendly reports with an integrated search feature to categorize and arrange the whole portfolio based on income-generating potential or market worth to you in the future.