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Patent watches keep track of new patent documents including published patent applications and granted patents in different countries on a periodic basis. At Wissen Research, we do technology related patent watches and/or competitor based patent watches. We provide timely patent watch reports that are customized to suit the requirements of clients.

Patent watches are ideal to monitor patents of competitors, to identify the possibility of infringing patents in a particular field and taking necessary preventive action and also to keep abreast of new developments in a particular technology mainly to direct R&D activities. Patent watches identify potential patent applications that can be challenged by opposition proceedings.

We also carry out patent watches on particular patent applications to update on the new office actions and notices and applicant’s response to the office action including amendments. Thus help the clients to take crucial business decisions based on periodic updates.

Why Wissen Research?

  • Patent watch report includes patent and non- patent literature published in the specific time period requested by the client
  • Global coverage of granted and published patent applications published during any specific time period requested by the client
  • Classification search of patents viz., US Classifications, PCT Classifications, ECLA Classifications
  • Experience in using various patent and non-patent databases
  • Copies of patent and non patent references listed in the Search report
  • Three levels of quality check before delivering the search report
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost