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Technology landscape

Technology Landscape Analysis

Are you looking to enter market with a new technology? Then, Technology Landscape Analysis can ensure your success to a great extent by providing you key insights of the market. Technology Landscape highlights various aspects of the market such as:

  • current market position,
  • Market competitiveness,
  • Market positioning of the organization,
  • Latest methodology and techniques used, and etc.

Technology Landscape Analysis is done to gain better understanding about technologies for potential R&D, major players and new entrants in the market, new licensing, acquisition, and joint venture opportunities, R&D direction and strength compared to peers and is often done on behalf of companies seeking to manufacture new products in a specific technological domain.

A Technology Landscape Analysis allows organisations to make better business decisions on the basis of insights derived from analysis in order to effectively match their IP strategy with the company’s overall growth plan.

Generally, landscape analysis reports summarize technological information as well as information pertaining to patent applicants/assignees, technology trends, preferred technology of particular assignee etc. The technological information retrieved from the landscape analysis throws light upon the evolution of the technology and State-of-art in the technology. Depending on the client’s objective, Technology Landscape Analysis may also provide information about white space analysis in the technology.

The technology landscape analysis report further identify key players involved in the market who could be their potential competitors or business allies (licensing).

Why choose Wissen Research for your Technology Landscape Analysis?

Wissen Research help you to identify product areas (i.e., potential technology opportunities) across multiple domains that firms can enter based on the technological capabilities embodied in the existing product. Here are the reasons why you should choose Wissen Research to conduct your Technology Landscape Analysis:

  • Experienced IP professionals from major technical domains.
  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of patent documents and market research of particular technology.
  • Having access to multiple free and commercial sources of patent information databases that provide global coverage of patents.
  • We provide both types of analysis, manual as well as automated.
  • Access various comprehensive tools for mapping and visualization by transforming complex data into an easily comprehensible graphical representation.
  • We provide customized reports to meet client specifications.
  • Deliver exceptional quality at an affordable cost and within the clients’ expected turn-around time.

Features of our Technology Landscape Reports

  • Customized taxonomy: By considering customer’s comprehensive needs and objectives, we provide a customized taxonomy to fit with an individual’s technology/product line/ or competitor’s strategy.
  • Market research:A thorough examination of the product landscape and commercial activities of competitors in the technological area.
  • Infographics: We include a plethora of charts and figures in our reports to make the analysis easier to understand.
  • Quality Check: Three-level quality checks for deliverables.