Patent White Space Analysis

The white-space analysis is gaps in the patent landscape where there is little or no patenting activity that could be patented and granted exclusively. These are patent gaps in a certain procedure or technology sector that can drive the emergence of new inventions.

White Space Analysis- Need

The analysis is conducted by carrying out a procedure that locates an exploitable market. To recognize the latest trends that are lucrative enough to boost up business opportunities, there is a requirement of an in-depth study of patents in a specified field, you are routing for. This type of process is also done by formulating ideas that are capable of identifying exploited markets, where well remarkable businesses options can be evaluated using future and latest trends, that can be improved by the study of patents. However, all these processes are there to utilize the basic information and records of a business in order to extract and bring out the latest opportunities to target companies to increase sales in a market.

White Space Analysis


  • White Space Analysis serves a client build product similar yet different from existing prior-arts (patents and non-patent literature (NPL).

  • Analyzing previous work, difficulties detected and problems resolved, who is engaged in the field of art, and the history of development in that area.

  • When faced with a specific problem, there is no healthier option than to look at existing solutions rather than wasting resources on developing a new one.

  • The search enables a client to learn about existing technology, innovating upon it, and then helps the client to establish new and improved products in the market.

We perceive every patent document that can be relevant to your invention and assist you in deciphering the significance of your patent search findings. The search is led utilizing an all-around settled inquiry string on business and open-source Patent/NPL information base to separate the applicable records.

White Space Analysis by Wissen Research

Wissen Research has a pool of experienced technical team, to conduct all the analysis and makes relevant recommendations on how a market can be enhanced. We performed white space analysis by using advanced feature sets and well-documented data sources to classify and involve targeted firms in time. We also support our clients with emerging research domains by employing various databases and respective strategies employed in patent searches. We are technically involved in providing:

  • Broad research on patents pertained to a specific domain of technology.

  • Illustrations indicating growth in technology and white gap to conduct Research and Development for an improved competition in a market.

  • A steady innovation for the latest products development.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • Wissen research benefits the client in advancing a new artwork in any field/domain.

  • Our delineation can serve business, IP and Research and development groups to derive answers to their inquiries and empower them to comprehend the most recent examination exercises unfolding in the field of interest.

  • White space mapping assist the client in the identification of potential growth regions for your service or product.

  • While look for prior art work, our professional team in electronic, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and medical science,¬†identify the right opportunities to go after.

  • Our white space analysis assist the client to fill the technological gaps that hold market potential, duplication of a technology that already exists or has little market potential and to make strategic business decisions on licensing, acquisition etc.

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