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Patent Prosecution Support

Patent Prosecution

Innovation helps you make a path towards becoming an industry leader. And when it happens for the greater good of nation, then getting exclusive rights for your invention becomes an important part. This results in more innovation and fast functioning of the economy.

Patent prosecution is the process of drafting, filing and negotiating to get the patent protection and legal rights for the invention. Patent Prosecution is the interaction that happens between the inventor/Patent attorney representing invention and the patent office.

Unlike, Patent Litigation where 2 parties are offensive and defensive, Patent Prosecution is an interactive and co-operative process, where applicant/applicant representative works with the examiner to address the various concerns related to the patentability.

The main objective of Patent Prosecution is to defend the patentability of your invention. Patent Prosecution process get half done when you have drafted a good specification and application filed. Then, from filing to grant mostly everything is dependent on the professionalism, skill, and diligence of your patent attorney. Patent Prosecution also entails submitting supplementary documents, like design blueprints and comprehensive instructions to demonstrate the originality of your intellectual property. No matter how valuable your invention is, a patent grant is greatly impacted by the experience of the patent attorney.

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How Wissen Research can help you with Patent Prosecution?

Wissen research aid inventors and organizations, in drafting and filing patent applications. We assist our clients in developing a comprehensive IP protection strategy and also advise them on whether further IP protections should be acquired additionally to their current assets (patents, copyright, utility models, designs, trademarks).