Patent Drafting Services

Our Patent drafting services involve an explanation of the invention/idea in a formal language as accepted by patent and trademark offices. A patent draft typically includes title, background, summary, a brief description of drawings, detailed description of drawings, claims, and abstract.

When the patent is issued or allowed, the draft serves as the specification of the document. The scope of the invention is determined by the claims. Wissen takes deep pain in drafting the claims to the broadest possible scope.

Need of Patent Drafting

Wissen Research serves the most important aspect of the patent application i.e. patent drafting. Patent right provides the candidate with the right of barring others from exploiting the same invention.




How do we draft a Patent?

The patent application is submitted to the patent and trademark office to register a patent against a novel/unique and a non-obvious invention/product/method. The patent application consists of a specification that includes a description of the invention, illustrations/drawings, and required forms of the patent and trademark office.

In order to prepare a detailed specification, Wissen Research provides an invention disclosure format first to the inventor. This permits the inventor to give enough information about the innovation to us. At this point, we draft the patent application, beginning with the claims based on the qualified images, followed by.

After accurately capturing the scope of the invention in the claims, our drafting team also prepares the necessary drawings to help clarify the claims. In some cases, the drawings representing existing innovations (prior-arts) are required to be submitted to help in distinguishing the subject invention and the prior art.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • 14+ years of experience in drafting.

  • 100+ approved patents in USPTO

  • Short processing time: Allocating dedicated team members that coordinate with the inventor on a frequent basis to ensure that the draft passes through each check step without delay.

  • 24×7 Availability: Full-time drafting team of patent analysts and patent agents, managed by Piyush Gupta.

  • Multiple Jurisdictions: Provides patent drafting for any country.

  • Dedicated Team: A dedicated team of patent drafters from various domains such as electronics, electrical, software, mechanical, medical devices, and telecommunications.
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