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Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting Services

Patent drafting involves the drafting of patent application which includes writing of claims, drawing and specifications. When the patent is issued or granted, the draft serves as the specification part of the document. The parts of the patent application include the background, summary, detailed description and abstract.

Patent drafting is that part of the idea that deals with writing description and claims of a patent. It is the core part of any patent application.

Why there is a need of patent drafting?

There should be collaboration between attorney and inventor. Wissen Research helps you do the core part of the patent application i.e. patent drafting. A patent right grants the inventor with the right of preventing others from exploiting their invention without their permission. Proper Patent Drafting is important as grant of your patent reliant upon the fact of how the patent application is drafted.

We ensure that your patent application does not have the following mistakes:

  • You are not explaining the function of an Invention that is too obvious
  • Your application is not too Vague or Simple.
  • You have more broad claims for your invention rather than narrow claims.
  • There is no miswording in your patent application.


Things to keep in mind when drafting your patent:

  • The patent writing procedure requires extra care regardless of whether you are filing a provisional patent or a full patent.
  • The cost of hiring a professional to assist with the claim-drafting process may prove to be well worth it.
  • Ensure that all paperwork is correctly and thoroughly filled out; failure to do so could result in disqualification.


Corporates, universities, research groups, and individuals can secure their discoveries quickly and affordably with the help of proven quality with cost-effective patent drafting services.

Our staff of skilled IP professionals to produce high-quality patent applications. We adhere to a strict methodology with several quality checkpoints and efficiently manage different stages of the patent drafting process.

How do we draft a Patent?

Patent application is submitted to the patent and trademark office to register a patent against a novel/unique and a non-obvious invention/product/method. The patent application consists of a specification which includes a description of the invention, illustrations/drawings and required forms of the patent and trademark office.

In order to prepare a detailed specification, Wissen Research provides an invention disclosure form at first to the inventor. This permits the inventor to give enough information of the innovation to the patent attorney. At this point, we draft the patent application, beginning with the design claims.

After accurately capturing the scope of the invention in the claims, our drafting team will draft necessary patent drawings to help clarify the claims for your invention.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • More than 7 years of experience in drafting.
  • We provide a short processing time by allocating dedicated team members that coordinate with inventor on a frequent basis to ensure that the draft passes through each check step without delay.
  • Full-time drafting team of patent analysts and patent agents.
  • Dedicated team of patent drafters from various domains such as electronic, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and medical science.