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Accelerated Examination Search

Accelerated Examination Search

It takes too much patience for one to come up with a commercially productive invention. On average, it nearly takes eighteen months to three years for a patent to be solely granted by the legal offices.

So, in 2006 the United States Patent Office (USPTO) came up with a program called Accelerated Examination also known as Track One which allows an investor to successfully have the exclusive rights in a patent within a short period (like 6 months – 8 months).

In general, accelerated examination is defined as a strategy or a system permitting a speedy examination other than waiting for a regular examination. Despite the fact that this comes at an additional fee, many attorneys/agents are now advising inventors to take advantage of this service, especially when one needs to kill competition. The accelerated examination search report is submitted in a special format as accepted by the USPTO. Here in “Wissen Research” we are specialized in preparing accelerated examination reports in the required format.

Advantages of Accelerated Examination

At Wissen Research we assist in the creation of an Accelerated Examination Support Document (AESD) by providing the detailed analysis of prior art search, relevant references to claims, and relevant justifications for references for filing with USPTO, which has helped our clients getting an early patent grant in the past. Here are the advantages of Accelerated Examination:

    • Early filing of a patent application protects your invention, by granting the exclusive rights to sue whoever may infringe on your patent.
    • It develops interest and maintains the investors by improving the value of your company’s invention.
    • Accelerated examinations can intercept downfalls and enhance defensive positions in your marketplace.
    • An applicant seeking an examination without exceptional significance may result in complying with a lot of difficulties to carry out or fulfill strategies involved in an accelerated patent with no privileges.
    • Patent protection can rightfully be approved within six months to twelve months together with tremendous certainty of litigation cost and consequences.

Organization's Accelerated Examination Service

  • To get Acceleration Examination search services kindly reach us, a leading intellectual property service provider with professional and reliable experts who are so eager to meet every client’s satisfaction.
  • Wissen Research will help you with papers like the pre-examination search document used for providing patent searches on both patent and non-patent literature through verified platforms wrapping over one hundred countries for a well-defined result.
  • Another document we can grant you with us is the Accelerated Examination Support Document where we empower closely related mapping considerations with the declaration of your application. This document will also contain all the broad detailed analyses of patentability.