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Freedom To Operate Search

A Freedom to Operate search (analysis) also known as a clearance search is used to determine whether an invention or procedure used by a client infringes on any claim of an active patent. The goal of the search is to find relevant patents that have not yet expired. The goal of an FTO search and analysis is to assess the likelihood of patent infringement associated with a specific invention.

How do we process Freedom to Operate Search?

  • Wissen Research develops various search strategies/techniques to identify relevant patents that your invention may infringe on.
  • Our goal is to look for keywords that will assist in the discovery of invention/product in the claims section of patent applications.
  • Analyzing the patents and peer at individual claims. Investigate barriers to entry, or patents and technology that are consistent to obstruct the client’s quest for an intellectual property patent. “Eradicate” results that aren’t pertinent, and keep the subset of patents that present an issue.
  • Examine solutions to potential problems. For example, look at the patent status, potential expiration, and/or research, and prepare an invalidity opinion.
  • Present the outcomes to the client and show the potential intellectual property (IP) issues and solutions, and make suggestions towards a plan for moving forward.

How does Wissen Research assist you in FTO Search?

Wissen Research team benefits the client in a thorough exploration of the claims in a utility patent that enable the client to acknowledge certain critical characteristic that must be avoided in the product. This empowers the client to design around the patent by modifying future versions of the product.

The idea of  (freedom to operate)FTO search is to offer the client a list of patents upon which their product or technology could be infringing.

Benefits of Freedom to Operate Search

  • FTO search saves a great deal of time and capital and enables you to construct a business system that is secure and suitable.
  • Convenience in safeguard the launch of your product.
  • FTO search also empowers the developer team to discover some novel ideas and thoughts from the expired patents provided by us.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • More than 7 Years of IP Services Experience.
  • 150+ full-time and access to 400+ industry experts/consultants.
  • Average experience is 7+ years completed 2000+ Patent Search projects.
  • Having multilingual capabilities covering almost 100+ Countries.