Invalidation Search

Patent Invalidation Search

patent invalidation search or simply invalidity search is a focused prior art search for a patent, non-patent literature articles, data, or publications that were publicly available before the effective filing date or priority date of the patent. When a company is concerned about patent infringement, it conducts a patent invalidation search.

Patent Invalidity or invalidation search is done to find out patent and non-patent literature that can prove that a patent granted on an invention is not valid on the basis of lack of novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability. So, that patent ceases to valid and enforceable.

What is the main objective of Patent invalidity search?

Main objective of Patent Invalidity/ Patent Invalidation search is to find out all the relevant prior art that have been overlooked by the examiner and has the potential to prove that patent is invalid. Thus, killing the patent.

How Patent Invalidity/ Patent Invalidation Search can prove the strength of a patent?

Opposite results of invalidation search can prove that the claims on the patent have novelty, are non-obvious and do hold industrial applicability. Proving the strength and establishing the solidity of the patent and ensuring that patent is valid.

Invalidity or Patent invalidation search can also be considered as the extension of the prior art search as this search focuses on the language as well as comprehensive concept and idea.

What are the reasons for perming an Invalidation search? 

Three important reasons why a patent invalidity search is conducted are: 

  • To refute allegations of patent infringement
  • To determine if someone has a legitimate patent claims
  • To conduct patent research prior to the issuance of any new patents

Benefits of Patent Invalidation Search

Patent invalidity search assists you to identify relevant prior arts to invalidate the patent. When a client is concerned about infringement of a specific patent, patent invalidation is utilized as a defensive measure. Patent invalidation search is used as a defensive measure when an infringement case is filed by a competitor.

The patent invalidation search is performed to limit the scope of the patent in question and may result in the invalidation of a previously granted patent. Patent invalidation search assists clients, when they need to defend their case against infringement, licensing, or any other section.

Why choose Wissen Research?

  • We provide a invalidation/validation search record in the form of a patent and non-patent literature published before the target patent’s priority date.
  • Global overview of granted and published patent applications filed before the priority date of the target patent.
  • Expertise in utilizing several patent and non-patent databases efficiently.
  • Various search concepts are utilized to contribute to the development of an effective search strategy for identifying relevant prior art.
  • Identifying segments in the prior art that explain why a reference is relevant.
  • Self-explanatory invalidation search report with full prior art analysis, web links to examine the complete specification, pictorial representation, complete bibliographic data of the references, and legal status.