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Patent Validation Search

Patent Validation Search is conducted by the assignee to gain the confidence on the Patent that their granted patent is Valid and enforceable. This involves conducting a thorough search related to Patent and Non-Patent Literature. Validity Search focuses to differentiate that the invention is different from all the existing Prior Art and you have brought something new in the market. The main focus of this search is to bring out the strength and prove the validity of the granted patent. Validity Search can be conducted in cases of IP Due Diligence.

Patent Validity search is also done when an organization is acquiring or merging with another company and valuation of a company is in process and Patents forms the major share of the company’s assets. That’s where to reaffirm the validity of the patent, Patent validation search is done. Patent Validation Search removes any chances of invalidation that could arise later on.

A Validity Search can also be conducted before and after of granted patent. This means someone who has recently published a patent application and wants to check strength of the application can also do patent validity search. This helps an inventor to be 100% sure that his invention is novel and can be patented without any issues related to invalidity later on.

How Wissen Research can help you for your Patent Validation Search?

Wissen Research specializes to handle all kinds of Patent validations. We have access to wide databases to check validity and search for prior arts. We have experts who hold expertise in technical domain and are aware about CPC 52, 53 & 54 along with USC 101, 102 AND 103.

We also have networks with Local Agents and Patent Translation agents who are established to handle Validation and Invalidation in all contracting states. 

Why you should choose Wissen Research for Patent Validation Search?

  • Validation Search involves detailed analysis of all the patent and non-patent literature published before the priority date of the target patent
  • Our validation search report provides in-depth analysis of claim enablement, search summary, mapping matrix list of references and detailed analysis of relevant classes.
  • Classification search of patents viz., US Classifications, CPC Classifications, IPC Classifications
  • Experience in using various patent and non-patent databases
  • Analysis of file wrapper/ prosecution history of the target patent
  • Claim charting of the target patent with the relevant references listed in the search report
  • Identification and commenting on segments explaining the relevance of reference in the search report
  • Self-explanatory validation search report with a detailed analysis of prior art, with web links to view the complete specification, pictorial representation, and analysis of the relevant references and complete bibliographic data of the references along with the legal status
  • Copies of patent and non-patent references listed in the search report
  • Three levels of quality check before delivering the search report
  • Exceptional quality at affordable cost