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Patentability Search

Patentability Search Services (Novelty Search)

Patentability Search is also known as prior art search. This is helpful in checking that your invention is patentable or not. Patentability search aims to help inventors to gain confidence that his invention can get patent. Patentability search is directed towards finding all the relevant prior art that can be related to the invention. In layman language, it can be said that patentability search enables you to know the likelihood or chances or probability of you to get a patent.  It involves finding out all the patent literature and non-patent literature art related to the invention.

Difference Between Novelty Search and Patentability Search

Now, you might be thinking is there any difference between Novelty search and Patentability search?  Well, the answer is no. Both are synonymous and can be interchangeably used with each other.

Benefits Of Patentability Search Service

Patentability search service can help you get various benefits later, such as

  •  Patentability search helps in speedy prosecution process with minimum chances of office actions.

  • Patentability search aids in evaluation of invention whether your invention is novel or not

  • Patentability search provide information that can help you get best scope of claims
  • Improve your invention around existing prior art.

  •  Patentability search allows R&D teams to find possible state of art to enhance your invention

How do Wissen Research provide Patentability Search Service?

Professionals at Wissen Research use various tools such as Orbit, Derwent innovation, NCBI and other tools to conduct a Patentability Search using specific keywords, classifications, citations of prior art etc.

How do we perform Patentability Search?

Patentability searches are conducted by our experienced search professionals on online patent search tools viz. Orbit, Derwent innovation, NCBI, etc. using specific keywords, classifications, citations of the prior art, and all.

Why choose Wissen Research Patentability Search Service?

  • More than 9+ Years of experience, a team of 40+ analysts, 70+ tech areas, 50+ patent analysis projects/month.

  • We have successfully finished more than 1500+ projects for our clients.

  • Automatic monitoring and manual analysis checks of the patent application and of competitor’s patents.

  • Multi-lingual support (16+ Languages) capabilities covering 35+ (Non-English Speaking) Countries.

  • Various report options to fit with the client’s budgets and requirements.

Our Patentability Search Strategy:

  • Detailed study of disclosure
  • Identification of Key features (Important points) of your invention
  • Search is then conducted on identified keywords, relevant Patent classifications, Inventors and assignee.
  • Relevant prior arts are shortlisted and analyzed.
Patentability Search Strategy