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State of Art Search

State of Art Search

When an organization is entering into a particular technological area/ Launching a product, state of art search helps them to measure the strength and weakness of the technology in that specific area. It helps them to find latest patents filed and Prior Arts on that specific technology where investors are interested in the latest technology.

State of art search helps you to comprehend the status of a particular technological area that provides you in-depth insights of that particular field. It guides your research and development by simplifying the process of critical decision making. You can get competitive edge with a broader view of the advancements happening in the market.

State of Art search is suitable for two kind of people:

  • People entering a completely new technology area
  • People who want to give direction to their research or fine-tune their invention.

This is a holistic search and summarizes the existing prior arts which illustrates the current state affairs in the particular field. This helps investors save time as they will know why and how a particular technology has evolved due to which they know which specific solutions have already been discovered and this allows them to efficiently allocate resources and minimize taking unprofitable steps.

What is the difference between Patentability Search and State of Art search?

  • The difference between patentability search and state of art search is that, patentability search focuses on finding out the prior art that are already existing in the market, whereas State of Art search focuses more on finding out the development and working on the landscape of the technology. State of art search looks at the broader aspects of the technology.

What are the objectives to do a State of the art search?

  • Laser Focus the technology research pathway

Companies that are working towards a specific domain. State of art search helps to determine the most suitable course that can be laid down for research by

  • Analyzing the latest developments in the technology landscape
  • Re-evaluation of the past developments


State of art search allows an organization to discover:
  • Current competitors in the market
  • Potential partners
  • Emerging
  • Analysis of past performance
  • Entering a new technological area

When a company is ready to set a foot in a new technological area in order to invest or expand. State of art search can provide them a clear picture about

Previously explored areas

Why Choose Wissen Research to conduct your State of art search?

  • We use well-nested search strings on various commercial or open source patent databases
  • Results obtained using those strings are further analyzed by our researchers.
  • Then, a report is presented which helps organizations, Intellectual Property and Research teams.
  • Our State of Art search is executed on a wider scale so that relevant references can be captured in the field.